Ethereum Prediction Market Gnosis’ ICO Raises $12.5 Million in Minutes at $300 Million Valuation

The Ethereum based prediction market, Gnosis, has raised around $12.5 million in just ten minutes, giving the project a valuation of $300 million due to the way the token sale was designed. The project used a Dutch auction model which is opened at a high price and then gradually decreases to find the optimal market … Read more

Fintech Funding Breaks All Records


Investment in Fintech companies has reached an all-time high with $8.2 billion invested in the second quarter of 2016, double the more than four billion invested in Q1 2016. Asia and, in particular, China, significantly lead, with $7.22 billion invested in Chinese Fintechs during 2016. In total, almost $23 billion has been invested worldwide over … Read more