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Beyonce’s Rumored $100 Million Disney Deal Will Have Meghan Markle Fuming

Last Updated September 24, 2020 2:33 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 2:33 PM
  • News has emerged that Beyonce is on the verge of signing a $100 million deal with Disney.
  • The entertainment conglomerate is reportedly keen on bringing the singer in to perform some voice-over work on their upcoming documentaries.
  • I thought the voice-over gigs were meant to be Meghan Markle’s forte? Is she being passed over for a proper star?

There may be a pandemic raging in the US, but it seems the entertainment industry hasn’t drawn to a complete halt. Beyonce looks set to sign a lucrative $100 million deal with Disney, in an agreement that must have Meghan Markle trembling with envy in her new Jennifer Chamandi’s.

According to The Sun,  Beyonce is close to agreeing to the $100 million deal that will see her work with Disney on three projects, including the soundtrack for Black Panther 2.

A Hollywood insider commented:

Disney have put forward a deal worth around £80 million ($100 million), which will secure Beyonce for three major projects, including the Black Panther sequel. Beyonce has become a major player for Disney and is the perfect fit for their brand.

Isn’t this the type of deal Meghan Markle was supposed to be getting?

While Beyonce is absolutely deserving of her new deal, it has to be asked, wasn’t this the type of deal we were led to believe Meghan Markle was being lined up for?

I mean, fair enough, perhaps not the singing part. God help us. But wasn’t the Elephant voice-over supposed to kickstart her career with Disney?

Meghan’s fans have continually told us over the past few months that nothing is happening due to the pandemic. But surely, if Disney has the time to put this type of deal together for Beyonce, they can put Meghan’s deal together as well?

Beyonce is a major player for Disney | Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle isn’t Beyonce. And her fans won’t want to hear that

Unless, of course, the truth is that Meghan Markle simply isn’t Beyonce? Maybe Disney isn’t that interested in the Duchess of Malibu?

It’s at times like this we see reality kick in. It’s all well & good for royal insiders and Meghan’s friends like Omid Scobie talking the Duchess up, but when it comes down to deal sheets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the truth comes out.

Meghan Markle isn’t on the level of a Beyonce. She’s not even close. And as such, she isn’t worth Beyonce money.

We’re talking about a girl who has been in and around the entertainment industry for close to 18 years now.

Only if it’s voiced-over by Beyonce! | Source: Twitter 

If she were going to make a proper dent in the business, she would have done so already.

Did Disney use Meghan as a litmus test for Beyonce?

Not only is Beyonce being lined up for Black Panther 2, but Disney is also looking to bring her in for a chunk of voice-over work.

The Sun’s source commented:

As part of the deal, they are also trying to get her team to agree to have Beyonce voicing some of the new documentaries coming to Disney Plus. After the success of having Meghan Markle voicing the film Elephant on the platform, they have projects coming up, which align perfectly with Beyoncé’s brand.

Ouch. That’s got to sting.

It’s not a stretch to believe that anything Disney+ has lined up that would align with Beyonce and her brand would also have appealed to Meghan Markle.

Why isn’t she actually signing any contracts then? | Source: Twitter 

So, if the Duchess of Difficult is so popular, why wasn’t she considered?

Could it be that Disney brought Meghan in for the Elephant documentary to test the waters? Her relative success meaning that it would be worth the company pushing the boat out for a real star?

I’m sure that when Meghan Markle looks in the mirror, she sees herself and Prince Harry as Beyonce & Jay-Z.

It’s just a pity that Disney doesn’t seem to buy into that narrative.

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