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Dear Sony, It’s Time to Let PC Gamers Play Bloodborne Too

Bloodborne is an excellent game and a PC port would allow even more people to play it. Dear Sony, please end the exclusivity hysteria.

  • While a few PS4 exclusives are making their way to PC, popular titles like Days Gone and Bloodborne haven’t been unshackled from consoles yet.
  • Many fans of the Souls series are begging Sony to let Bloodborne join most of the rest of the series on PC.
  • Just think of the mod potential!

Amazon France plunged PC gamers into a tidal wave of emotion yesterday when a series of rogue listings inadvertently hinted that PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne and Days Gone were finally heading to PC.

After the announcement of PC ports for titles like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, it didn’t seem like that much of a stretch. Unfortunately, Sony crushed our hopes and dreams a few hours later.

The silver lining is that this is the perfect opportunity to nag PlayStation about unshackling more of its exclusives. Arguably the biggest – and most important – title that deserves a PC release is From Software’s Bloodborne.

PC Gamers Deserve to Play Bloodborne

If Sony finally released Bloodborne on PC, we’d be able to mod the game to our heart’s content and expand the experience almost indefinitely. | Source: Sony

Bloodborne isn’t just a great game. It’s the only Souls game besides Demon’s Souls that isn’t available on multiple platforms.

Back when the PS4 launched, Sony was understandably looking to secure exclusives, and Bloodborne was a big victory for the console.

Even industry figures like Daniel Ahmad can’t help but get dragged into the requests, despite not having much of anything to do with Sony directly. | Source: Twitter

Five years later, there are still many folks who have never had the chance to play this essential tile. Which is a shame, because it ranks among the most fantastic entries in the series.

Not only that, but if Sony finally released Bloodborne on PC, we’d be able to mod the game to our heart’s content and expand the experience almost indefinitely.

That’s the real shame about console exclusivity. When a game is tied to a console, your ability to craft mods is severely restricted.

It’s Time for the Exclusivity Hysteria to Die

Part of the joy of playing Souls games on PC is that you can use some pretty funky controllers. Like that guy who played the entirety of Dark Souls 3 with a Guitar Hero controller. How are we ever supposed to see him tackle Bloodborne with the Donkey Konga bongos?

That’s the real issue at play here. To PlayStation’s die-hard fans, allowing Bloodborne to release on PC feels like losing something. Realistically, though, all a PC port means is that more people get to try out a great game.

It would be encouraging to think that the whole “exclusivity” hysteria is finally starting to die. But with companies like Sony and Nintendo holding out, there’s not much hope of that dream becoming a reality anytime soon.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:49 PM

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