Fear the Deer: Giannis’ Milwaukee Bucks are Legit Title Contenders

2019 NBA season is underway and the remarkable improvement of Giannis Antetokounmpo is allowing the Bucks to score on all cylinders.

Federal Reserve Will Officially Start QE4 to Prevent Bank Meltdown: Analyst

In September, rates spiked in the repo market. The Fed is still conducting liquidity operations. Year-end may force the Fed to start QE4.

Ignorant Wealth Manager Says Bitcoin Collapse Is Imminent; Here’s Why He’s Wrong

Executive is calling for the collapse of bitcoin. He believes that BTC will follow the footsteps of Blackberry & Lycos. Here’s why he’s wrong.

Moonshot Bitcoin Price Trigger Needs Halving and 2020 Global Recession

Bitcoin has succumbed to selling pressure as of late. However, many analysts…

Holders of Over 11 Million Bitcoin are Proving That Hodl Is Not Just a Meme

HODL is such a popular trading strategy in the crypto community that…

Bitcoin Dying? This Bullish Metric Just Notched a New All-Time High

Bitcoin skeptics are sounding the death-knell, but one bullish metric just notched a new all-time high. What does that mean for the BTC price?

Bitcoin Holders Will See ‘Life-Changing Profits’ in 2020, Trader Predicts

Bitcoin price action has been boring as of late. However, a trader believes that this will change for crypto in 2020. Other analysts agree.

Legendary Trader Presents Two Scenarios for Parabolic $100,000 Bitcoin Price

Legendary trader Peter Brandt shared his bitcoin report to the public. In…

Peter Schiff Says ‘It’s Game Over for Bitcoin’ After Epic Pump and Dump; Crypto Twitter Laughs

Wednesday’s volatility liquidated over $76 million bitcoin longs & shorts. Peter Schiff criticized this. Crypto Twitter replied with memes.

Luka Doncic’s Magic Fizzles in Mavericks Win Over the Timberwolves

Mavericks NBA player Luka Doncic earned the Western Conference Player of the Month award. Though, he wasn’t himself against the Timberwolves.

Zion Who? Rookie Ja Morant Shows Flashes of Brilliance for Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant is now the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year Award. The Grizzlies may be below .500 but Morant is playing like a superstar.

Whales are Making Big Money on a Tanking S&P 500, But Santa Claus Rally Is Still Coming: Hedge Fund Manager

S&P 500 is down in December. Analysts predict more blood on the horizon. One trader sees the S&P 500 ripping just before the end of the year.

Now Is One of the Top 3 Greatest Buying Opportunities for Bitcoin: Analyst

Many top traders do not expect a Santa Claus rally this year. Though, a quant analyst claims that bitcoin offers a rare buying opportunity.

Analyst Dispels the Myth: Bakkt Futures are Not Backed by Bitcoin

Bakkt’s arrival was supposed to be bullish for bitcoin. With growing volume, the demand has not translated into bitcoin prices. Here’s why.

Not OK, Boomer: 4 Ways Baby Boomers Screwed the Future of Millennials

Millennials are suffering due to the selfish actions of the previous generation, baby boomers. Find out the top 4 key areas affected here.

Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Won’t Beat Donald Trump if They Can’t Beat Baby Yoda

Donald Trump is winning in social media interactions. If others can’t even beat Baby Yoda on Twitter, it’ll be hard to win the election.

3 Key Things the Mainstream Financial Media Is Missing About Bitcoin

Mainstream media is out spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about bitcoin…

Forget the Noise; Traders Explain Why You Should Be Long-Term Bullish on Bitcoin

Traders are bearish on bitcoin after a 53% crash. More pain may be ahead but BTC offers features that make it a good long-term investment.

3 Reasons Why Shorting McDonald’s (MCD) Stock Now Is a Bad Idea

Missing third quarter estimates and the firing of the CEO is why investors are short McDonald’s. There are reasons why you shouldn’t.

TV Host Refusing Free 100 Bitcoin Because It’s Worthless Is Hypocritical

TV host in China refused to accept bitcoin for free in 2014. Five years later, he refused again. Bitcoin performs better than fiat currency.

NCAA Player Nathan Bain Can Accept Crowdfunding but James Wiseman Isn’t So Lucky

NCAA rules allow Nathan Bain fundraising. He scored a game winner against Duke. James Wiseman cannot accept fundraised money. What gives?

Tesla Cybertruck Memes Explode but Elon Musk Laughs Last as Orders Skyrocket

Tesla’s Cybertruck has been the subject of memes. Elon Musk said that there are 250,000 orders. This may be saving Tesla from a selloff.

No Santa Claus Rally as Crypto Analysts Remain Extremely Bearish on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is likely to end 2019 with a bearish tone. Analysts share their year-end targets and it seems that there will be no Christmas rally.

Stock to Flow Analyst Sees Bitcoin Trading at $10,000 Before End of Year

Crypto enthusiasts are placing ultra bearish forecasts for bitcoin. The stock to flow model suggests that the move down is out of the norm.

The Sell-Off Annihilated the Narrative That QE Is Bitcoin Rocket Fuel

Social media influencers made people believe that quantitative easing is bullish for…