Three Dark-Horse Trade Destinations for Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala will reportedly be traded soon. With his most ardent suitors perhaps lacking the ammo to get him, where might he land?

Jersey City Mass Shooting Hits Close to Home for the NFL

Jets wide receiver Quincy Enunwa was among the hundreds of people on lockdown in nearby schools as a mass shooting took place in Jersey City.

The Rebuilt, Slumping Utah Jazz Aren’t NBA Title Contenders After All

The Utah Jazz pushed all their chips in over the summer but hardly look like title contenders in the season’s early going.

Derrick Rose Won MVP 9 Years Ago – Now, He Deserves This NBA Award

Once nearly out of the league, Derrick Rose is playing his best since winning MVP – and could be in contention for Sixth Man of the Year.

The San Antonio Spurs’ Time to Tear It All Down Is Finally Here

The Spurs are 9-14, with no remedy for their struggles in sight. Finally, it’s time for San Antonio to rebuild.

The NBA Made the Best of a No-Win Situation by Denying the Rockets’ Protest

The league issued its ruling on the Rockets’ protest, which is sure to infuriate them despite Adam Silver’s no-win situation.

What the Patriots’ Rare Loss to the Chiefs Proves About the AFC Playoff Race

The Chiefs ended the Patriots’ home winning streak on Sunday. With New England finally looking mortal, the AFC is truly up for grabs.

Why the Trail Blazers’ NBA Playoff Hopes May Be Completely Doomed

Following a brutal injury, the Portland Trail Blazers must come to terms with the uncomfortable fact that their playoff hopes are doomed.

Chris Paul’s Epic Tattletaling Proves His Basketball IQ Is Wasted on the Thunder

Chris Paul’s tattle stole the Thunder a victory against the Timberwolves, and served as a reminder that he belongs on an NBA contender.

Don’t Fall for Antonio Brown’s Selective Apology to Everyone but His Rape Accusers

Antonio Brown issued a sprawling public apology on Friday, but it ignored the rape accusers who most deserve an apology from the NFL star.

3 Dark-Horse Coaching Candidates the Knicks Should Target

The Knicks reportedly fired David Fizdale on Friday. After cleaning house in the front office, these are the coaching candidates they should target.

This Is What Happens When You Try to Double-Team James Harden

The Raptors sent double-teams at James Harden over and over on Thursday, and the Rockets star proved he’s truly unstoppable.

5 Most Exciting Games from LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony’s 17-Year Rivalry

In anticipation of Friday’s meeting between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, here are the five best games of their decades-long rivalry.

Alex Caruso Hype Is Out of Control, but He’s Still Been Indispensable

Alex Caruso has received outsized attention from fans and media in the season’s early going. What’s the real justification behind his rise?

Primetime Superstar Dak Prescott Leads Cowboys Into Hostile Territory vs. Bears

In a must-win road game against the Bears on Thursday night, the Cowboys have a trump card in primetime superstar Dak Prescott.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 3-Point Range Looks Real, and The NBA Should Be Terrified

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s three-point range seems real, perhaps leaving the rest of the NBA powerless to stop him and the Bucks.

Lakers Silence Skeptics With Brutal 48-Hour Beatdown

The Los Angeles Lakers quieted skeptics over the last 48 hours with impressive back-to-back wins, but more tests await.

The Pelicans’ Caution With Zion Williamson Is as Prudent as It Is Disappointing

Zion Williamson won’t return by Christmas, a disappointment for the league and the Pelicans that’s nevertheless necessary.

Daniel Jones’ Injury Paves Way for Eli Manning’s Farewell From the Giants

Eli Manning’s first start since Week 2 could serve as both an audition for next season and a farewell that might have never come.

This Is Why Nikola Jokic’s Dreadful Start Shouldn’t Make the Nuggets Panic

Nikola Jokic is overweight and off to a dreadful start. Here’s why the Denver Nuggets don’t need to panic – at least not yet.

Tua Tagovailoa’s Uncertain NFL Draft Decision Has an Obvious Answer

Tua Tagovailoa hasn’t made a decision on the NFL draft after suffering a season-ending injury, but his choice should be obvious.

Luka Doncic’s Player of the Month Award Proves Dallas Mavs’ Best Is Yet to Come

Luka Doncic won Western Conference Player of the Month, a harbinger of even better things to come for he and the Mavericks.

The Panthers’ Firing of Ron Rivera Begins New Chapter in Cam Newton’s Career

With the only coach he’s ever played for gone, will the Panthers’ longtime franchise quarterback follow him out the door?

Markelle Fultz Sheds Bust Label to Become the Magic’s Franchise Point Guard

Markelle Fultz was once the NBA’s biggest bust. Barely a month after becoming a starter, he looks like the Magic’s franchise point guard.

Louisville-Michigan Showdown Highlights NCAA’s Awkward Lack of Juggernauts

Tuesday’s showdown between Louisville and Michigan highlights the NCAA’s early-season parity, and also its problematic lack of talent.