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Antonio Brown Perfectly Explains Epic NFL Implosion in Two Simple Words

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
Francois Aure
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
  • Antonio Brown hinted that he uses drugs.
  • This could be the key to understanding his increasingly-alarming behavior.
  • This may explain what former agent Drew Rosenhaus meant when he said he hoped the wide receiver “gets help.”

Antonio Brown has had one of the most high-profile falls from the grace of any sporting superstar.

While many fans theorized his wild behavior was triggered by head trauma (CTE) from taking too many hits, AB himself offered a more plausible reason on Twitter. He’s on drugs.

Antonio Brown Hints at Drug Use on Twitter

It’s unlikely anyone fell off their chair following the announcement.

It’s been quite clear from the day that the New England Patriots cut Antonio Brown that he did not behave like a rational human being.

Antonio Brown, NFL, AB
Source: Twitter 

All AB had to do was keep his head down. His superior playing ability would have earned him the benefit of the doubt from any number of NFL teams.

Instead, Brown opted for expletive-filled rants against the NFL, Stephen A. Smith, and numerous other individuals.

A Step Too Far for Drew Rosenhaus

The extent of AB’s bridge-burning has been truly epic.

He has even lost support among his ex-peers in the league after breaking the taboo of publicly belittling former teammates, with a particular focus on the Steelers’ Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster. A receiver-starved Tom Brady was consistently a supporter, but it remains to be seen if that’s still the case.

Things came to a head when the infamous “baby mama” video circulated, showing him berating Chelsie Kyriss and police officers while his children were present.

This prompted one of the last people who was actively working on getting him back into the league – his former agent, Drew Rosenhaus – to drop him.

Brown responded with his typical tact:

Antonio Brown, AB, Drew Rosenhaus, NFL

Maybe It Isn’t CTE After All

Numerous videos have been posted on YouTube  speculating whether Antonio Brown has the degenerative brain disease, CTE, which is associated with repeated hits to the head. That theory could explain the mood-swings and off-the-wall behavior, but now Brown has all-but-admitted he uses drugs.

Within that context, even his bizarre attempt at launching a music career makes sense:

Antonio Brown probably won’t ever play in the NFL again. At best, his fans should hope that there isn’t something tragic coming in his future. The history books are filled with celebrities whose lives have descended into drug-fuelled chaos  to fill the hole left behind from former glories.

Brown needs good people around him more than ever. But based on the alarming content he continues to share on social media, they’re nowhere to be found.

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