400 European Banks Accept Bitcoin Purchase Agreement

Evander Smart @EvanderSmart
October 5, 2014 02:00 UTC

More European banks are becoming associated with Bitcoin. While short-term investors see the dollar price drop on Bitcoin, and panic sell in droves, Bitcoin gains another major international deal signing in Europe. 247Exchange.com, based out of Belize, has secured an agreement with Sofort Banking, providing Bitcoin purchasing access to over 22,000 European bank branches throughout the continent.

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Now over 400 European Banks Allow Direct Bitcoin Purchases

European banks are now joining the list of major retailers already accepting Bitcoin directly. Now, Bitcoin is even easier to buy if you have a bank account in most European countries.  All you need is to be a member of one of the hundreds of banks, and you can buy not just Bitcoin, but many other crypto-currencies as well quickly, and easily.  This covers over 400 banks in ten countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Poland). This will enable 99% of all banks in Germany to accept Bitcoin purchasing through 247Exchange.  Slovenia and Hungary banks are still to come as an addendum to this agreement.

247Exchange will take your order, and process it with your member European bank, with instant transactions that are completely secure and free for the sender. Sofort AG is a merchant/banking conglomerate out of Munich, Germany that represents over 30,000 merchants and hundreds of banks through out Europe.

“Why do people choose our service? There are a lot of reasons. But mainly for its speed, fair fees and reliability. Purchasing bitcoins has never been so easy in Europe. However, the company’s aim is to create a comfortable exchange for all cryptocurrency users no matter where they are located and what currency they use.” says CEO Alexey Maximenko

This news dovetails with other international merchant agreements that give more people more access to Bitcoin worldwide.  For instance, Indonesia’s 238 million residents now have access to Bitcoin through a network of over 10,000 convenience stores in an agreement between Bitcoin.co.id and Indomaret last month.

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