Xbox Game Pass is Going Platform Agnostic – And That’s a Game-Changer

Microsoft has a winner in it's hugely-successful 'Xbox Game Pass' subscription service - and its value proposition is getting better.

Microsoft is already offering gaming's best subscription service - and it's only getting better. | Source: Dan Steinberg/Invision for Xbox/AP Images

  • Xbox Game Pass has dropped the “Xbox” moniker.
  • Could the service launch on other consoles soon?
  • Accessibility is the name of the game for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s desire to branch out is no surprise. The VP of Games Phil Spencer has been quite open about his goal of uniting gamers no matter their platform. The company’s recent Game Pass rebrand is another step in that direction.

You keep doing you, Game Pass. | Source: Twitter/XboxGamePass

Game Pass. Just Game Pass

As Thurrott reports, the service is no longer called Xbox Game Pass. It is now merely Game Pass. Of course, Xbox Game Pass for PC is now Game Pass for PC.

These changes aren’t yet in the Twitter handles, but they’re apparent on the Xbox Game Pass header image for Grounded. The top right reads, “Play Now With Game Pass.” Curious.

Could we soon see Game Pass for PlayStation and Game Pass for Switch? It’s entirely possible.

The website still reads Xbox Game Pass, but for how long? | Source: Xbox

Phil Spencer has said they’re interested in bringing Xbox Live to Switch. Minecraft Dungeons, a Microsoft published game, is on the platform as well as PlayStation 4.

Keep in mind the company has already gotten rid of its 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, too, hinting at a removal of the service altogether. With the recent news of Halo Infinite multiplayer being free-to-play, this combination of news is no coincidence.

Xbox, But Everywhere

There’s also xCloud to consider. Microsoft’s plan for streaming games on any device is set to bundle with Game Pass at launch. Game Pass and xCloud could make it so gamers can stream Microsoft published games on their PlayStation 4 or 5 without any additional hardware.

What a way to take on the competition.

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With just a few months until the holiday season, we can expect to hear more about the Xbox Series X – and Microsoft’s plan for the future – soon.

Let’s get a price now, shall we?

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