Does Game Pass Mean a More Expensive Xbox Series X?

What if Game Pass justified an extra-expensive Xbox Series X? A pricey box doesn’t look so bad next to 100 games for a low monthly fee.
Xbox, Xbox Series X
Microsoft has one goal in mind for the next-generation: bring more people into its ecosystem. | Image: Mr.Mikla/
  • The Xbox Series X price is still unknown.
  • Could Microsoft be waiting to pitch an expensive box justified by Game Pass?
  • What about Lockhart? Where is Microsoft heading next-gen?

While we’re still waiting on an Xbox Series X price, one thing is for sure: there’s no need to buy an additional $60 or even $70 game on release thanks to Game Pass. While this sounds like a consumer-friendly position, there’s another angle to consider.

What if Game Pass means an extra-expensive Xbox Series X?

Game Pass and the Xbox Series X

Initially, that may sound ridiculous. Why would Microsoft have an expensive next-gen console during a pandemic? Having “lost” this generation, the company should also want as many people as possible to buy the console.

But that’s not the case.

xbox series x
Don’t expect this to be a cheap box. That’s what Lockhart is for. | Source: Xbox

There’s no denying the Xbox Series X is a mighty box. The current-gen Xbox One X launched at $500, as did the original model, and the Series X is bound to be better.

Microsoft doesn’t want to sell consoles. It wants people in the Xbox ecosystem. The company should have no problem charging high for a premium box only a select few will buy.

Make no mistake: Microsoft will charge for this top-tier experience. It can justify that move with Game Pass. “Buy this $600 box, but have hundreds of games available at the press of a button.” With this subscription service often selling for $1 at a time, Microsoft can position this console as an absolute steal.

Xbox All Access
Don’t forget Xbox All Access – Microsoft’s credit line to pay for new machines monthly, rather than a one-time fee. | Source: Xbox

Unless something changes, PlayStation 5 players must fork over some extra funds for a game or two to enjoy on their new machine. Despite the high quality of Sony’s exclusives, that expensive buy-in puts Game Pass in a great light.

The Long Term Vision

Then there’s Lockhart.

Microsoft’s rumored second console is meant to be a cheaper alternative to the high-end box. It should still run next-gen games in its own right, much like the way the Xbox One X and Xbox One S work now.


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With one reasonably priced console and Game Pass, what’s to stop Microsoft from repeating itself and offering a more expensive box for those who want to invest?

Nothing. And that’s precisely what this company will do.

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