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Sony Veteran’s PS5 Tease Puts Metal Gear Solid Fans on High Alert

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida appears to be teasing a Metal Gear Solid announcement for tomorrow’s PS5 broadcast.
  • The former Worldwide Studios president tweeted an exclamation point possibly referencing Metal Gear Solid’s enemy alert icon.
  • Speculatively speaking, the announcement could come from Bluepoint Games or Konami.

Is Sony’s head of independent developer initiative, Shuhei Yoshida, teasing something Metal Gear Solid related for tomorrow’s PS5 showcase?

The former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios authored a tweet earlier this week linking to PlayStation’s announcement for the event alongside an exclamation point .

Sony Exec Teases Metal Gear Solid Announcement for PS5 Showcase
Is Shuhei Yoshida teasing a Metal Gear Solid announcement? Source: Twitter 

Metal Gear Solid’s Iconic Exclamation Point

Now, in gaming circles (or at least those consisting of gamers of a certain age), a lone exclamation point can only refer to one thing – Metal Gear Solid.

In Hideo Kojima’s 1999 PlayStation title, an exclamation point appears above enemies who’ve caught a whiff of protagonist Snake, heard an unusual sound, or are on the cusp of attacking, triggering Metal Gear Solid’s iconic alert sound.

For many, merely glimpsing that exclamation point activates a dormant part of the mind. A hazy recollection of the encounter theme’s frantic cadence that often follows bubbles up.

It’s safe to say that Yoshida is intimately acquainted, or even actively involved, in Sony’s PS5 event. Alongside this, the executive is partial to toying with the emotions of PlayStation fans on social media with oblique teases and trolls . As such, the use of a lone exclamation point is pretty loaded. Yoshida will all too aware of the impact of his tweet.

Donning our speculative bonnets for a moment and taking this as a genuine tease for a Metal Gear announcement, there are a few options on the table.

Bluepoint Games or Konami?

We still don’t know much (well anything really, other than it exists) about Bluepoint Games’ PS5 remake, and fans have linked Metal Gear Solid to multiple teases from the developer. Chances are we are looking at a remake of Demon’s Souls, but Bluepoint’s confirmed nothing at this point.

The other possibility is that Konami is having a go at a second post-Kojima Metal Gear Solid game. A new next-gen PS5 Metal Gear game channeling the elements that made previous mainline entries such a hit among gamers would go a long way to redeem the mess that was Metal Gear Survive.

Then again, we may be reading far too much into the tweet. It may very well be nothing more than Yoshida voicing his excitement ahead of tomorrow. But, there’s nothing wrong with a spot of speculation. What else is there to do as we count down to tomorrow’s broadcast?