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5 PS5 Games We Demand to See From Sony’s Next-Gen Reveal

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • Sony to host long-awaited PS5 showcase tomorrow.
  • The event will focus on upcoming PS5 titles including first and third-party games.
  • Here are five games we hope make the cut, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Bluepoint Games’ PS5 remake, and more.

Short of an unforeseen delay, Sony’s highly-anticipated PS5 blowout is finally going ahead tomorrow. 

The excitement among gamers is palpable and understandably so. We’ll be putting months of speculation, rumors, and Sony’s frustrating drip-feed of PS5 info behind to make space for fleshed-out, meaty details about the next-gen.

We may even get a glimpse of the console itself alongside a selection of upcoming first-party and third-party games.

Here are five games we want to see at the PS5 showcase this Thursday.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Bolstered by a glut of rumors and explicit developer teases, Sony showcasing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 seems almost inevitable at this point.

In a sense, there will be a lot of disappointment among PlayStation fans if a sequel to Guerilla Games 2017’s action role-playing game doesn’t pop up on Thursday.

And, what a way to introduce Sony’s next-gen vision. Horizon Zero Dawn is among the most graphically impressive PS4 exclusives, and we have a lot of faith in Guerilla repeating the feat for the PS5.

Bluepoint Games’ PS5 Project

Bluepoint Games PS5 remake was among the first confirmed titles for the next-gen console . Yet, to this day, to which game the studio will apply its proven remaking wizardry remains a well-guarded secret.

Until recently, the consensus was that Bluepoint’s secretive project was a remake of From Software’s Demon’s Souls. The title that set the Japanese developer off on a decade long run of acclaimed titles is certainly showing its age. If Bluepoint Games’ stellar work on Shadow of the Colossus acts as a measure of what to expect, we should be in for a treat.

In recent weeks, rumors and insiders have fielded the idea of a Bloodborne remake for PS5 (and PC).

Either of these (or both) will please fans and act as a welcome stopgap ahead of more Elden Ring news.

SIE Japan Studio’s Next Project

From Bloodborne to The Last Guardian by way of Shadow of the Colossus, Japan Studio had a hand in some of this generation’s best games.

We’ve heard very little for a while now. Such a stellar track record means we’re champing at the bit to find out something about the Studio’s first PS5 effort whatever that may be.

God of War

A sequel to 2018’s God of War stands alongside Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as one of the most widely discussed speculative picks for a spot during Thursday’s showcase.

5 Games We Want To See At The PS5 Showcase
Santa Monica Studio will detail its next-gen plans on Thursday. Source: Santa Monica Studio

We know for sure that Santa Monica Studio will share details about its future slate of games thanks to a Tweet from gameplay director, Jeet Schroff . The question is whether that includes God of War or a brand new IP?

Either way, Santa Monica Studio is one of the jewels in Sony’s first-party crown. We can confidently say we won’t be disappointed by whatever the Studio has conjured up this time around.

A Big Surprise

It’s been a long old slog to tomorrow’s showcase, and gamers will be wanting a reward for their patience. A surprise straight out of left field like a first-party game that no one expects would do well to dispel any animosity flamed by Sony’s relative silence up until this point.

An ‘oh and one last thing’ moment to catch everyone off guard. Something so unexpected that it will dominate the headlines for days after the event.