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This PS5 Leak May Reveal Sony’s Most Customizable Console Ever

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
  • Pictures allegedly showing white outer plates detached from a PlayStation 5 console surfaced online today.
  • If genuine, this leak backs up rumors that the PS5 will be more customizable than any of its predecessors.
  • Sony has hinted at special editions and plans to talk about alternative colors soon.

A new PlayStation 5 (PS5) leak adds further weight to speculation that this is going to be Sony’s most customizable console ever.

New pictures, allegedly of the PS5 shell, surfaced online today. If genuine, they reveal that gamers will be able to remove and swap out the console’s outer shell.

PS5 Leak Suggests Console Shell Will Be Almost Endlessly Customizable

The images were posted on the forums of Chinese gaming website A9VG  and appear to have been snapped in a workshop.

One picture shows a stack of plates. This implies we’re looking at a production line tasked with mounting the shells on the units or the inside of the factory tasked with fabricating the plates.

The images appear to have been snapped in a workshop or factory. | Source: A9VG

A close up clearly shows the PlayStation logo imprinted on the top right of the plate. A piece of what looks to be A4 paper is placed on top to give a sense of scale, reinforcing the expectation that Sony’s PS5 will feature a chunky design.

The PS5 could be a hefty device. | Source: A9VG

Peppering the inner side of the plate are notched attachments. These suggest the plate is detachable, fueling speculation that owners may be able to swap out the plates to customize their PS5s.

This may be our closest look yet at the PS5’s customization options. | Source: A9VG

Sony Hints at Special Editions and Alternative Colors

While still unconfirmed, the pictures could confirm speculation that Sony is gearing up to launch the PS5 in multiple special editions sporting various colors.

PlayStation’s VP of UX design, Matt MacLaurin, ignited debate last month when he teased special editions in a LinkedIn post.

MacLaurin further hinted that the PS5 would be:

customizable in ways previous gens weren’t.

PlayStation’s global marketing head, Eric Lempel, suggested last week that Sony planned to talk about alternative colors at some point .

Here’s what he said during an interview with Geoff Keighley:

The details have been a long time coming.

Since Sony unveiled the PS5 hardware last month, fans have concocted all manner of alternative color schemes and themes  for the console.

Two noteworthy mock-ups include a Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales-inspired version ¬†and an all-black variant.