PS5 Design Executive Teases the All-Black Console You Desperately Want

Not taken with the two-tone PS5 design? Fret not, it looks like an all-black variant might be on the way.
PS5 UX Lead Teases All-Black Variant of Divisive Two-Tone Design
Fans mock-up all-black edition of the PS5. Source: Twitter
  • Sony unveiled the final two-tone black-and-white design of the PS5 on Thursday.
  • PlayStation’s VP of UX design has teased the possibility of an all-black version.
  • SIE boss Jim Ryan has confirmed that white/black is the console’s launch design.

There’s good news for those not taken with the PS5’s newly-unveiled two-tone black and white design. Sony’s next-gen console might be available in an all-black variant at some point after launch.

Sony Teases Possibility of Black and Special Edition PS5

PlayStation’s VP of UX design Matt MacLaurin hinted as much while fielding questions on a post over on LinkedIn. One participant came out and asked a question that’s been on a lot of our minds – will the PS5 be available in black like past PlayStation consoles?

MacLaurin responded with a non-committal ‘Maybe’ rather than a definitive ‘no,’ offering hope that Sony is eyeing up different PS5 color schemes for further down the line.

PS5 UX Lead Teases All-Black Variant of Divisive Two-Tone Design
UX lead teases the possibility of all-black PS5 design. Source: LinkedIn

The head of UX design also touched on the possibility of PS5 special editions:

You will definitely be seeing special editions. This is also customizable in ways previous gens weren’t.

While this is the flagship / reference, you can count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions.

I’m sure there will be a special edition for everyone. I’m hoping for a Horizon Forbidden West special edition.

Not Available At Launch

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss, Jim Ryan, did make it clear that the white/black variant is the PS5’s launch design. So anyone expecting a black version at launch might be disappointed.


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The PS5 final design, which Sony pulled the curtain up on last Thursday, is a bold one. It’s flowing contours and markedly futuristic aesthetic hasn’t been to everyone’s taste, spawning a glut of mocking memes comparing it to everything from a router to a BMW.

We’re certain to see plenty of special editions for the PS5. | Source: Twitter

The only saving grace for many is the potential for an all-black PS5. Mock-ups of this alternative variant popped up online almost immediately.

These suggest a black scheme should tone down some of the more flashy characteristics of the PS5’s two-tone design.

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