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Meghan Markle’s BFF Is Getting “Markle’d” – And It Couldn’t Be More Hilarious

Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:58 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:58 PM
  • The fallout from Jessica Mulroney’s behavior toward Sasha Exeter has been well documented.
  • Mulroney has seen her career go down the drain as a result of her bullying actions.
  • Exeter is the victim – so why is Meghan Markle the center of attention?

Anyone who has followed the shenanigans of Meghan Markle and her infamous unnamed “friends”- the ones who seem to leak information to the media on the regular – has enjoyed a bit of poetic justice over the past few days.

For a long time, there have been rumors that many of Meghan’s attempts to control the media narrative have come from her right-hand woman. Her best friend of many years. 

Jessica Mulroney has curated somewhat of a reputation in the media world. She’s known for crushing anyone who dares stand in her path .

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle deserve each other

In many ways, she was the best lieutenant Meghan Markle could have asked for.

Trying to influence a Mail on Sunday interview  with Meghan’s former advisor Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne and being rumored to be a part of the Tatler article  that caused Duchess Kate Middleton so much anguish are just two recent examples.

Mulroney was always willing and able to do the dirty work that Meghan Markle wouldn’t risk her reputation carrying out.

Until Jessica made a career-ending blunder.

Jessica Mulroney grossly misjudged how far she could take her bullying

There’s no hotter topic at the moment than racism. And racist celebrities. Social media is awash with individuals looking to point the accusatory finger of doom wherever they sense a slight whiff of social injustice.

Unfortunately for Ms. Mulroney, she knows this feeling all too well, as the past week or so has seen her entire media career evaporate before her very eyes.

jessica mulroney husband
Even Mulroney’s husband has had to step back from the media glare. | Source: Twitter 

What’s sad is that I don’t believe Jessica Mulroney is racist. And neither does Meghan Markle (if reports are to be believed).

Mulroney was simply doing what she’s always done. She was stomping her way through life, casting aside anyone in her way with impunity.

Until she attempted to stomp on Sasha Exeter. 

Sasha was all kinds of wrong for Mulroney. She wouldn’t take her dressing down like many before her. She spoke up, and given the cultural moment, the dynamics of this particular “beef” drew widespread attention.

It was game over for Meghan’s media fixer.

For Meghan, it’s all about ‘brand Markle’

That Meghan Markle would cast aside her best friend of many years so readily, despite not believing her to be racist,  speaks volumes.

But it should come as a surprise to no one.

For Meghan, the Duchess of Difficult brand must be preserved above all. Everything else is secondary: husbands, boyfriends, best friends, even family.

Now, in a somewhat ironic turn of events, Jessica Mulroney is facing the exact same tactics that she herself had reportedly carried out on Meghan’s behalf for years.

That’s right. Jessica Mulroney is being “Markle’d.”

Of course this story became about Meghan Markle – not the real victim

meghan markle, jessica mulroney
Mulroney must have known this was coming. She was the one who wrote the playbook, after all. | Source: Chris Jackson/pool photo via AP

Obviously, ditching her best friend over a racism allegation wasn’t quite enough. The reason why? It didn’t make Meghan the center of attention. And as we all know, if it doesn’t include Meghan, it’s not really worth talking about.

Sasha Exeter as the protagonist and victim of the piece?  That simply would not do.

No, there had to be another angle.

It wasn’t long until the first media articles began to drop featuring the quotes and “insider information” that only the anonymous yet all-knowing “friends” of Meghan could provide.

As always, they were keen to set the story “straight.” Mulroney had been profiting from her relationship with Meghan Markle over the years.

According to “anonymous sources”: 

(Meghan’s friends have been) concerned for some time that Jessica has been profiting from her relationship with Meghan and using it to further her brand.

Boom. Just like that, Meghan Markle is front and center in this story. Sasha Exeter? Move over and make way for the real victim in the piece.

jessica mulroney friendship with meghan markle
Meghan’s acolytes have made her the center of the discussion yet again. | Source: Twitter 

The Aquazzura pump is suddenly on the other foot

It isn’t enough to sever ties with a friend who you admit isn’t racist in your eyes, but who you can’t associate with because it would damage your brand.

No, you have to issue a swift kick to the stomach as she’s down and out on the sidewalk. Just to make sure that it’s Meghan Markle who’s center of attention, and not the actual victim in Sasha Exeter.

I’m sure Jessica Mulroney is reading these recent developments with precious little surprise. She’ll have known this was coming. She was the one who wrote the playbook, after all.

And she’ll know that what’s true now is what has always been true. It’s all about Meghan.

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