Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Epitomise Fake It ’Til You Make It!

  • Living in the land of “authentic selves” and buzzwords, Prince Harry has to learn fast that you have to fake it to make it.
  • Meghan Markle is excelling in that environment. It’s what she does best.
  • How long before Harry’s nervousness gives way and he cracks?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really are the epitome of the “fake it ’til you make it” brigade.

Not only have they tried to position themselves as experts on hot-button social matters, but now they’re using what has been described as “intellectual gestures.”

Honestly, where will it end?

Enigmatic gestures are the latest weapon in the Sussexes war on internet freedom

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are finding themselves in situations where they have to converse with actual experts on social matters, so they have to try at least to appear as though they know what they’re talking about.

The word-salad approach has been serving them well thus far, but you can’t just ramble on without looking the part!

And looking the part is apparently part of the plan going by the couple’s body language at the TIME 100 talks.

Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail:

There were signs that the couple are moving into more deep-thinking and intellectual waters than Harry possibly encountered during his time spent in royal palaces. The chin-stroke or touch is a gesture often linked to a more intellectual approach, and while Harry stroked his beard at one point, Meghan listened to him while adopting the gesture of resting her chin on the knuckles of one hand.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are adding to their woke arsenal. | Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle seems more adept at delivering these types of performance than Prince Harry

I found it rather interesting that Judi James describes Meghan Markle as calm and confident during these exchanges.

I guess that makes sense, as even a bad actor knows how to keep their cool when the cameras are rolling.

Poor old Prince Harry, though? Not so much, it would seem.

Judi commented:

When Harry is not in speak mode though, he performs a stream of fidgets, ranging from eye-stutters, sucking and chewing his lips, fiddling with his ring, face-scratching, and pulling at his shirt and his jacket. Some heavy swallowing and the eye-stutters suggest tension or anxiety is making his mouth dry, and his adrenalin rise. The clothing tugging suggests he is very concerned how he is coming across and self-correcting his appearance, maybe even studying himself on the screen first.

As much as I hold Prince Harry utterly responsible for the position he finds himself in today, I have to say, should we expect anything else from him other than a nervous, lackluster performance?

He’s not a professional actor. Which means he’s not skilled in the art of b*llsh*tting on camera.

That type of world is where Meghan Markle belongs, not a British prince in his thirties who’s never had to pretend he’s something he isn’t in front of an audience.

This is the world Meghan Markle feels most comfortable in

I have zero doubts that Meghan is loving life right now. She’s entirely in her element.

In many ways, she’s already won. She got her fairytale $40 million wedding for free, she got her easily-influenced prince, she got her royal title without having to put any work in, and now she’s back home in the epicenter of falseness and self-importance.

I wonder how long Prince Harry can keep up in a world that he knows, deep down, is entirely alien to him.

The royal family receives many criticisms, and much of it is justified, but one thing that Prince Harry nor his brother, Prince William, were raised to do was lie and talk nonsense on camera.

He knows that what he’s selling isn’t legit. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes too much for him.

I doubt Meghan Markle will care by that point.

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10 thoughts on “Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Epitomise Fake It ’Til You Make It!”

    • They’ll be divorced before 2025 especially when they figure out that the public isn’t interested in the Netflix stuff

      • She will divorce him AFTER he turns 40 and gets the next round of inheritance. And probably get surrogate baby number two before then for MORE MONEY!!!

  1. It’s painful to watch how utterly brainwashed Harry has become. That Meghan has been able to manipulate him into becoming some lame, woke faux-intellectual is thoroughly depressing. The royal family should kidnap him and have him de-programmed. There are people out there who are specialists and know how to do it that sort of thing.

    Meghan knows she has made a royal mess of things and that’s why there will be no Christmas trip. She doesn’t have the guts to face Harry’s family. I doubt she will ever make any attempt whatsoever to see them again. She doesn’t seem to have the decency to encourage Harry to go at the very least. My God, that woman is a monster with zero respect for the Queen and Prince Philip and even her own father.

  2. Ok, this isn’t exactly on point, but, on the other hand, everything they do is fake, so at least that applies. I’m nearly livid over their new Archewell “non-profit”. They have not said ONE clear thing about its purpose. What irks me is that I’ve done a good amount of pro bono legal work setting up 501(c)(3) groups—standard US non-profits—and you need to be MUCH more specific, and explain your goals and methods. There were a couple I even had to draft twice, to be more specific, and they were nowhere near the nonsense of “we plan on doing some woke stuff at some time in some way”. Writing that you want to be inspirational and then putting in vague language that can apply to any of the social issues they have been testing out is not ok. Actual charities that are opened by actual people who want to give actual help are held to a much higher standard. Archewell is a PR group, not a charity. Talk about trading in on privilege.

  3. In a world where everything we need to know about something is at your fingertips I don’t understand how the prince and Meghan expect people to buy what they are selling. Apart from being social media ‘addict’ and being a British prince what other qualifications do they have to sell these nonsense to people. Sorry to say that this pair is fast becoming a joke every day. Audrey reading your op eds is a relief as it tells us that not everyone who sees this bullshit on tv is a fool.


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