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It’s Time to Redirect Your Meghan Markle Hatred Toward Prince Andrew

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Prince Andrew plays a prominent, disturbing role in the Jeffrey Epstein docu-series ‘Filthy Rich.’
  • Meanwhile, Meghan Markle is still regularly butchered in the media.
  • Markle, at worst, is a lying careerist, while Prince Andrew, at worst, is a child molester. Why are we focusing on her?

It’s time to correct the course, people. While Meghan Markle has become royal target practice, she’s an absolute darling compared to Prince Andrew.

Even if everything that she’s ever been accused of was proven to be accurate, she’s a patron saint of royalty compared to the Duke of York.

Why, then, are we focusing our ire towards Markle when a real monster is lurking in the same waters?

The public is waking up. | Source: Twitter 

Prince Andrew Is Despicable

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you might not know the Prince Andrew accusations.

Long story short: he’s accused of engaging in sex trafficking with minors. He’s a known associate of the now-deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein allegedly sent then-17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre to have sex with him. That was after she was forced to dance with the prince in a nightclub while he “sweated” all over her.

She says that Epstein forced her to have sex with the Duke of York on three occasions. 

Less than a year ago, Prince Andrew gave a BBC interview where he categorically denied even remembering who Virginia Roberts Giuffre was.

Those are strong words from someone who appears in a photo with his arm around her waist.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew ‘doesn’t remember’ this girl he was cozying up to. | Source: Twitter 

If that weren’t ridiculous enough, he even claims that he couldn’t sweat back then, so it couldn’t be true.


You couldn’t sweat for the period of time you were accused of sweating all over a terrified teenager, and now you can miraculously sweat again?

If it sounds terrible, that’s because it is.

A witness even claims to have seen Andrew “grinding” on Giuffre on Epstein’s island while she was wearing nothing but a bikini bottom.

Andrew has also defended Jeffrey Epstein after he ‘committed suicide.’ 

Meghan Markle Is Small Potatoes

Meghan Markle is regularly accused of being a terrible person, sometimes even by this site. But what’s the worst she’s done? Maybe she married a man who consented to do so? Maybe convinced him to move to the United States?

Is she using his royal status to jumpstart her Hollywood career? It’s possible. There are certainly some facts that you can stack against her to make a compelling case.

But there isn’t photo evidence of her with a written note saying that is her intention. Prince Andrew was caught on camera.

Even if every single accusation were true, that would mean she’s a liar and a careerist. She would also be a power-hungry, controlling wife. That’s not good.

But if the Prince Andrew accusations are true, he’s a child rapist.

Focusing on Markle is like focusing on Hitler’s (hypothetical) cousin for yelling at his children, instead of the dictator himself.

While he’s been removed from his royal duties, he still hasn’t been brought to justice. And the more we concentrate on Meghan Markle instead of him, the more it appears as though we’re the truly perverted ones.

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