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Meghan Markle Officially Owns Prince Harry – ‘Forbids’ Him From Visiting Father

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
  • Upon learning Prince Charles’ coronavirus infection, Prince Harry wanted to return to England “straight away.”
  • Sources say that Meghan Markle “forbade” him to leave.
  • Who’s really in control of this family?

Several new reports indicate that not only are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry self-isolating, but one of them is locked down — from the inside out.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus. | Source: Twitter 

Fox News reported today that upon hearing of Prince Charles’ coronavirus infection, Prince Harry wanted to return to England “straight away.”  There was only one problem. He’s married to someone who won’t let him.

Meghan Markle Won’t Allow Prince Harry to Travel, Or Enjoy Himself

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. At one point, Prince Harry was a prominent face of British royalty. Now he has to ask permission to leave his house. And permission was denied.

Prince Harry
I’d be uncertain too if my wife tried to dominate me. | Source: Twitter 

According to the Daily Mail,  Meghan Markle has “forbidden” Prince Harry to travel to England and visit his father. An insider said:

Under no circumstances is she okay with him traveling anywhere right now.

While the message makes some sense, it’s the tone that’s disturbing. Prince Harry is “forbidden”? “Under no circumstance” can he travel? These sound like the direct orders of a fussy boss, not the advice of a loving wife.

She even told Harry that “he will be fine.”  Wow. That sounds like emotional dominance if I’ve ever heard it. It’s no wonder friends say that Harry is a “different person” when he’s not around Meghan.

Is Prince Harry’s Frustration Growing?

It’s starting to seem like Prince Harry may never have wanted to relocate to Canada in the first place. Now that his beloved family members are getting sick with deadly viruses, his frustration will presumably only grow.

One insider claims:

Of course, he’s frustrated. She said they both are frustrated because they are doers and want to do so much more to help.

But are they both frustrated about the same things? Prince Harry is frustrated because he’s locked down in a foreign country while his family faces unprecedented challenges. He must also be concerned about the Queen. That’s something Meghan Markle probably doesn’t comprehend.

One Buckingham Palace spokesperson told Fox News:

Her Majesty The Queen remains in good health. The Queen last saw the Prince of Wales briefly after the investiture on the morning of the 12th of March and is following all the appropriate advice with regard to her welfare.

While the update is positive, who knows how much exposure she’s had to infected people. If God forbid, the Queen was to contract the virus, would her 93-year-old immune system hold up? If not, would Harry be able to see his grandmother?

Or would Meghan Markle “forbid” him? Would she tell him, “he’ll be fine”?

Markle, meanwhile, is probably frustrated that the virus has halted her plans to move to California to pursue Hollywood dreams. What if Harry wants to call that off? Will she be “fine” with it?

The coronavirus pandemic is teaching many people many different things about themselves. Hopefully, Meghan learns how to tone it down a bit.

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