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Is Meghan Markle Deluded to Think She Will Succeed in Hollywood?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Meghan Markle’s return to Hollywood, the Disney+ “Elephant” documentary, received mixed reviews.
  • Will the “Hollywood royal” be able to make a real go at becoming a success in Los Angeles?
  • We asked two experts for their opinions. Here’s what they said.

Ever since Prince Harry publicly announced that he and Meghan Markle were stepping back from royal duties, many observers assumed that Hollywood was Meghan’s main aim.

The couple’s recent move to Los Angeles has done nothing to quash those beliefs, and it seems like Meghan hopes to capitalize on her newfound popularity and publicity.

The question is: Does she have what it takes to make it as a bona fide Hollywood star?

Meghan Markle enjoyed “royal luck” in her Disney+ debut

Eric Schiffer is a brand and reputation management expert  based in southern California who believes that Meghan Markle can hope for a Hollywood cameo role at best.

Speaking exclusively to CCN.com, he commented:

Markle’s chances of breaking Hollywood and being a sustained player before the pandemic were weak. After the pandemic – while Hollywood will be in shambles, trying to find ways to push movies to the public, and Meghan Markle may get a cameo or two, she won’t be a long-term part of it.

Eric views Meghan’s success with her Disney+ debut  as nothing more than “royal luck,” commenting:

Her ‘Elephant’ voiceover debut was driven by royal luck. She won’t ever see her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Prince Harry has a part to play in Meghan’s success

Personally, I wasn’t all that impressed by Meghan’s Disney+ performance. Her initial feature credit as “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex” tells us all we need to know about why Disney cast her in that role. Which makes it even more interesting that her credit was quietly altered after the documentary’s release.

Source: Twitter 

Eric Schiffer’s theory about “royal luck” seems about right.

I’ve always believed that taking Prince Harry to Los Angeles, where she can take full advantage of the gravitas offered by his royal title, was always the end game for Meghan Markle.

prince harry, meghan markle
Is Meghan Markle the beneficiary of “royal luck,” or is she just making the best out of her situation? | Source: AP Photo/Frank Augstein

She had no intention of remaining in the U.K. and fulfilling her royal role and duties.

Meghan has to ‘be proud of who she is’ and ’embrace it’

While many view Meghan taking advantage of her situation to get ahead in Hollywood  as a negative thing, others allege she has no other option than to embrace her current situation and be proud of it.

Devanny Pinn is an L.A.-based actress  with over ten years of experience in the industry. She has starred in movies such as Crossbreed, The Dawn, and Charles Manson biopic House of Manson.

Source: Twitter 

Speaking exclusively to CCN.com, she commented:

The reality of the situation is that her public identity is now a Duchess and intertwined with Prince Harry, whether she wants to be or not. There’s no controlling or diminishing that association. The only option really is to embrace it, be proud of who she is, and hopefully, it will be beneficial as they become financially independent.

Devanny acknowledged much of the criticism that Meghan Markle receives for appearing to capitalize on her royal status to further her career. But she believes many in Hollywood take advantage of their circumstances, so why not Meghan Markle?

I can see where some people may view that as opportunistic; however, a lot of success in the business is who you know or who can help you get in the door. Now that everyone in the world knows who she is, it’s a given that she may get more offers for work. It goes without saying that she comes with a healthy amount of press, which is appealing to studios as it gives her additional marketing value.

Does Meghan Markle hold the same caliber of star power as Natalie Portman?

meghan markle
Devanny Pinn believes Meghan Markle “holds the same caliber of star power” as proven stars like Natalie Portman. | Source: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

And finally, on the question of Meghan Markle being a success in Hollywood, Devanny is optimistic that the Duchess can give it a real go:

Most people do not know how incredibly difficult it is to make a living as an actor, especially if you are not well known. Meghan has been working consistently in the industry for a long time, without the assistance of fame to help her find and retain work. Whether or not you ‘like’ her, that is a legitimate accomplishment that many do not achieve.

Here in Los Angeles, we have been seeing quite a bit of advertising for new Disney documentaries that she and Natalie Portman have lent their voices to. I think that says it all, Meghan Markle is worthy of headlining a Disney movie and holds the same caliber of star power as beloved actors such as Ms. Portman.

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