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Facebook Squares Up To Mixer & Twitch With High-Profile Streamer Deal

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:17 PM
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  • Facebook secures an exclusive deal with popular Twitch streamer.
  • Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang moves to Facebook Gaming from today.
  • Leading streaming platforms Mixer, YouTube and Twitch continue to skirmish for stars.

Facebook Gaming joins Mixer and YouTube in announcing that yet another popular streamer has decided to leave Twitch.

Today, OfflineTV member Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang revealed he would be streaming exclusively on Facebook’s platform moving forward.

Facebook Squares Up To Mixer & Twitch With High-Profile Streamer Deal
Source: Twitch 

Disguised Toast Joins Facebook Gaming

The streamer initially rose to prominence for appearing on stream sporting a toast-shaped mask. His pedigree skyrocketed as he gained notoriety for playing Hearthstone, and more recently as one of the premier Teamfight Tactics streamers on Twitch. Disguised Toast draws in on average 13,000 viewers to rival the numbers of Twitch’s most popular stars.

Bypassing the glitz of the big-budget announcements now synonymous with these platform moves, Disguised Toast opted for a more altruistic approach. The streamer donated the allocated $20,000 production budget to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Furthermore, all donations from the first month on Facebook Gaming are going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Wang opted for a comparatively humble phone-shot announcement on Twitter  earlier today instead. His first stream from his new home on Facebook Gaming kick starts today from 3 pm ET.

Facebook Squares Up To Mixer & Twitch With High-Profile Streamer Deal
Source: Twitter 

Streaming Platforms Skirmish For Stars

Mixer and YouTube have been actively securing deals with the most popular streamers in recent months. Facebook Gaming has lagged somewhat behind in comparison. By securing Disguised Toast, the most high-profile streamer to jump ship for Facebook, the social media giant seems intent on making a mark in the ongoing streaming platform wars.

Mixer has hit the headlines on multiple occasions in recent months. First, with an exclusive deal with Fortnite streamer Ninja, and then more recently for penning an agreement with ex-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro turned streamer, Shroud. King Gothalion and Ewok also joined the Microsoft-owned platform in recent weeks.

While less prolific in its acquisitions, YouTube landed an exclusive deal with Fortnite streamer Courage earlier this month. As streamers continue the mass exodus from Twitch urged on by lucrative deals elsewhere, the Amazon-owned platform is hitting back, most recently by luring over YouTube’s top Fortnite streamer, Nick Eh 30.

As Disguised Toast moves to Facebook, we’re unlikely to see an end to the poaching anytime soon. It’s anyone’s guess who’ll be next to announce a jump to a rival platform.