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Popular Twitch Streamer Jumps to Mixer, Gains Thousands of Followers for Nothing

Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:14 PM
  • King Gothalion announces that he is moving to Mixer from Twitch.
  • The announcement follows Twitch streamer Shroud’s move to Mixer.
  • King Gothalion has quickly gained thousands of followers on the site.

Popular Twitch streamer King Gothalion announces that he is leaving the site to stream on Mixer.

King Gothalion is the second big name to move to Mixer this month as World of Warcraft streamer shroud also made the move to Mixer from Twitch.

In a Twitter video, the streamer confirmed that from Oct. 29, he’d be moving exclusively to Mixer . The streamer explained that the decision to move was “easy” and that he feels that by working more closely with Microsoft and Xbox, it will help with his aim of “doing good in gaming.” The streamer said that Microsoft and Xbox help streamers to grow, raise money for good causes and host events.

The streamer also spoke about being able to have a say in what Mixer is doing. Many Twitch streamers have criticized the way that the site does things, with many popular Twitch streamers calling for more discussions and a way to allow streamers to shape Twitch policy.

Issues with Twitch’s NSFW bans for some users but not others is just one thing that streamers would like to talk to Twitch about. If Microsoft is more willing to listen to Mixer streamers, it’s no surprise why popular users like King Gothalion have moved to the site from Twitch.

The streamer has yet to stream on Mixer but the King Gothalion Mixer  page has 32,000 followers . That’s quite far a way from the 1 million followers that the streamer has on Twitch, but his followers could grow much more when King Gothalion does his first Mixer stream on October 29.