Don’t Blame Sony for PlayStation’s God of War PC-Port Rumor

Santa Monica Studio’s acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War may be heading to PC, but the latest leak proves nothing.

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Kratos could be boomeranging his axe on PC in the future, if the PlayStation 'exclusive' follows the path of Horizon: Zero Dawn. | Source: Santa Monica Studios/Sony

  • The PlayStation website no longer lists God of War as ‘Only on PlayStation.’
  • Fans have taken this as a sign that Santa Monica Studio’s acclaimed game is heading to PC.
  • PlayStation has intermittently added and removed the label since mid-2016 showing that this supposed leak proves nothing.

With PlayStation porting Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, many are waiting with bated breath to see which PS4 exclusive will be next. The latest theory reckons that the next game to get the PC treatment is God of War based on what fans consider a leak by none other than Sony.

God of War No Longer Listed as ‘Only on PlayStation’

As reported by users on Reddit, Sony is no longer listing God of War on the official PlayStation website as an ‘Only on PlayStation’ title.

God of War Might Land to PC, but Sony Definitely Hasn't Leaked It
Source: PlayStation

Observant fans picked up much the same change on the Death Stranding listing shortly before Kojima Production revealed a PC port was on the way.

Did Sony leak the news ahead of an official announcement? Fans predict that it’s only a matter of time before we get word that Santa Monica Studio’s fantastic God of War is heading to PC.

Nothing New

Yet, the listing hasn’t brandished the ‘Only on PlayStation’ marking for quite some time. And this, even before we got wind of Sony’s plans to cook up PC versions of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn.

A quick look at web archives for the God of War listing shows that PlayStation has intermittently added and removed the label since mid-2016. In short, there’s nothing new to glean from the PlayStation website listing.

This isn’t to say that God of War won’t come to PC. Few titles would warrant a PC port as much as God of War. Experiencing Kratos’ gripping tale with the graphical quality afforded by a decked-out PC rig is a tantalizing thought.

A PC port may be in the works, but this supposed leak isn’t the smoking gun many are claiming it to be.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
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