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Dino Crisis Fan Remake Throws Down the Gauntlet to Capcom

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:27 PM
William White
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:27 PM
  • Fans are remaking the original Dino Crisis for PC.
  • Capcom has yet to send them a cease and desist letter.
  • The developer needs to put out its own remake of the game.

A new trailer for the Dino Crisis fan remake  shows off the potential that Capcom is missing out on by not remaking the game.


The Dino Crisis Fan Remake is Rough Around the Edges

It looks like the fan remake is shaping up well, even if the quality remains a bit rough. The developers, team Arklay ́s, claim they are about 40% done with the game.

This newest trailer gives fans a look at more of the dinosaurs, such as velociraptors and the T-Rex, that will be in the remake. But what’s most interesting about this fan remake is that it is still allowed to exist.

Capcom recently filed a trademark for Dino Crisis, which got some people thinking a new game was in the works – and that the fan revival was dead on arrival.

But for some reason, the game developer has yet to send out a cease and desist letter to team Arklay ́s.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake
Dino Crisis is primed for a remake. | Source: YouTube/team Arklay’s 

Don’t Assume a Remake is Already on the Way

If Capcom really is working on a remake of the game, it would make sense for it to shut this fan project down immediately. That won’t bother team Arklay ́s, which promised it would stop development if Capcom announces an official remake .

A Dino Crisis remake wouldn’t even be a challenge for Capcom. It already has the story and characters nailed down. Plus, it could use the same engine as the new Resident Evil 2 and the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake.

resident evil 3 remake, capcom
Maybe a Dino Crisis remake will come after the Resident Evil 3 remake. | Source: Gamestat/Capcom 

Capcom Will Likely Focus on the Resident Evil 3 Remake for Now

In any case, it’s high time Capcom revives Dino Crisis. The series may not have as large of a following as the Resident Evil franchise, but there’s clearly a group of fans that still love it.

Capcom is sitting on loads of dead IPs that need to be revived. We know it wants to bring some of these back, and there’s no better candidate right now than Dino Crisis.

Get to it, Capcom!