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5 Dead Video Game IPs Capcom Needs to Revive Immediately

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM
William White
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM

The recent Capcom Integrated Report reveals that it wants to revive more of its dead IPs . The company’s 40-year history of making video games means that it has a wealth of options to chose from. Plus, it has plenty of genres that could appeal to a large number of gamers.

1. Dino Crisis

A revival of the Dino Crisis franchise only makes sense for Capcom. Its ties to the Resident Evil series are strong, and the recent remake of “Resident Evil 2” provides Capcom with the perfect groundwork for a new Dino Crisis game. There’s also the possibility that it could use this engine to remake the original Dino Crisis as a way to draw in new fans to the games.


2. Viewtiful Joe

Capcom’s 2D, Super Sentai-inspired beat’em up hasn’t seen a new game since late 2005’s “Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble!” for the Nintendo DS. The more retro style of the game could work out well for the company on the Nintendo Switch. Adding to that is Hideki Kamiya, director of the original “Viewtiful Joe,” expressing interest in remaking the game back in 2017 .

3. Breath of Fire

Capcom has been largely ignoring the turn-based RPG genre for quite some time now, but this could be a chance for it to dive back in. The Breath of Fire series is one of its oldest, starting on the Super Nintendo in 1993, and is in need of a new game. There was “Breath of Fire 6” in 2016, but that was a Japan-only mobile game far from a true entry in the franchise.

4. Darkstalkers

Capcom’s Darkstalkers was just never able to catch a break. It features a wealth of interesting characters, including largely recognizable ones like Morrigan and Felicia, as well as a deep lore. Unfortunately, it came out during a time when the fighting game market was flooded. There also wasn’t the same hype around the genre. With fighting game tournaments, such as Evolution Championship Series (EVO), gaining more attention, this could be the perfect time for the series to make a comeback.

5. Onimusha

Right now is the perfect time for Capcom to bring Onimusha back as a AAA game. Rather than making an action hack-n-slash title like later games in the series, Capcom can return to its roots. The deliberate combat of the first games and survival horror aspects would likely go over well with fans of Soulsborne-style games. A recent remaster of the “Onimusha: Warlords” could be Capcom’s way of testing the waters for a new entry.

These are my top picks for dead IPs Capcom needs to revive, but they are far from the only candidates. Ghosts’n Goblins‎, Bionic Commando‎ and any of the various overlooked Mega Man subseries could also do with new games. Here’s hoping Capcom revives at least one of these series in the near future.

While these series are currently dead, there was one announcement Friday morning that Capcom fans need to know about. Hideki Kamiya, the director of “Okami,” announced that he is planning to release a sequel to the 2006 classic.