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Resident Evil 3 Remake Covers Leaks on the PlayStation Store

  • Resident Evil 3 remake covers leak on PSN Store.
  • The covers include an unknown “Z Version.”
  • They also provide a look at the redesigned characters in the game.

The Resident Evil 3 remake may not be officially announced yet, but Capcom is having a hard time keeping the game a secret. The newest leak has cover art for the game showing up on the PSN Store.

Images for the new Resident Evil 3 covers show off the American and European version, as well as the one coming to Japan. The Japanese version uses the name “Biohazard RE:3.” Biohazard is the name of the RE series in that country.

Fans get their first look at the redesigned Jill on this cover. Source: Gamestat/Capcom

Japan is Getting a “Z Version” of the Resident Evil 3 Remake

It’s also worth noting that there are two cover arts for the Japanese version of the game. This includes the one that matches the international release. The other is for “Biohazard RE:3 Z Version.”

It’s unknown exactly what the Z Version of the game is. Chances are its some sort of ultimate collection. What that will entail is still unknown and there’s no international version yet to give gamers some hints.

The cover of the Resident Evil 3 remake also gives fans a good look at the redesigned characters for the game. That includes the big baddie Nemesis, protagonist Jill Valentine and what appears to be mercenary Carlos Oliveira.

Resident Evil 3 was in dire need of a remake. Look closely. Source: Wikipedia/Capcom

We May Learn More About the Remake at The Game Awards

We still don’t know when Capcom plans to officially unveil its newest remake. The leak of these covers suggests it may be sometime soon. If I was a betting man I’d say expect to see it at The Game Awards.

While we don’t know a whole lot about the Resident Evil 3 remake yet, there has been talk of its release. The current rumors claim that the game will be coming out sometime next year.

It’ll be interesting to see how Capcom handles a new take on Resident Evil 3. It doesn’t use dual protagonists as Resident Evil 2 does. There were also some interesting gameplay choices in the original that I’d like to see carried over.

Either way, it’s a good time to be a Resident Evil fan.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:19 PM

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