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The first track on Death Stranding’s companion album, Timefall, dropped today, introducing us to CHVRCHES’ perspective on the game’s world. | Source: Amy Harris / Invision / AP

In collaboration with RCA Records and Kojima productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment today unveiled a full-length album featuring songs from CHVRCHES and other major artists inspired by the narrative of upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding.

Titled Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music from the World of Death Stranding), the album shows that creator Hideo Kojima’s stacked contact list doesn’t stop with Hollywood actors but extends to the music industry as well.

Timefall Drops 1 Day Before Death Stranding

Death Stranding Stacked Cast Doesn't End With Hollywood Stars
The creator of Death Stranding continues to dazzle fans with his star-studded contact list. | Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Timefall is slated to land on Nov. 7, a day before the release of the game, and features artists such as Major Lazer, Khalid, Au/Ra, and CHVRCHES. Each of the artists was given the opportunity to get a sense of the themes underpinning Death Stranding before penning a tune to match.

It’s unclear whether the tracks will feature in the game or as an accompaniment to flesh out the Death Stranding universe. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Trigger – Major Lazer x Khalid
  2. Ghost – Au/Ra x Alan Walker
  3. Death Stranding – CHVRCHES
  4. YELLOW BOX – The Neighbourhood
  5. Meanwhile… In Genova – The S.L.P.
  6. Ludens – Bring Me the Horizon
  7. Born in The Slumber – Flora Cash
  8. Sing to Me – MISSIO

Sony says:

“Each artist on Timefall spent time with the team at SIE, interacting with the game’s story and vibe, coming up with their own unique takes on connection, love, loss, and rebirth.”

Sony Releases First Single from Scottish Band CHVRCHES

Alongside the announcement, Sony unleashed the first single from the album, a track written by Scottish trio CHVRCHES. Titled “Death Stranding,” the song weaves an electro-pop head-nodder touting the merits of a world-shaping romantic entanglement.

Kojima tweeted pictures of CHVRCHES visiting the Kojima Productions HQ in Japan earlier this year, leading to speculation that the band had a part to play in the game, although in what capacity was unclear until now.

Death Stranding Stacked Cast Doesn't End With Hollywood Stars
Now we know why the members of CHVRCHES were hanging out with Hideo Kojima. | Source: Twitter

Death Stranding and the Stars

In the lead up to release, everything we’ve seen and heard about Death Stranding has been as much about setting the scene for one of the most bizarre games of this generation as Kojima namedropping an ever-expanding list of personalities involved in the game.

Today’s announcement further highlights that Kojima’s reputation and cultural reach extends far beyond the borders of video games. As the members of CHVRCHES explain:

“We were really excited about the opportunity to work with Kojima because we have been fans of his work for a long time. He has always been such a visionary in the gaming world, and we were honored to be involved in the project.”

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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