Iconic gaming producer Hideo Kojima talks with Norman Reedus who plays the protagnist of the highly-anticipated PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding.. | Source: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival/AFP

With just over six weeks to go before release on Nov. 8th, Death Stranding has officially gone gold – the final master copy of Kojima’s latest intriguingly cryptic game is ready to be replicated millions of times, packaged, then sent around the world ready for launch day.

Death Stranding developer, Kojima Productions, shared the news earlier today with an exuberantly penned post on Twitter thanking all those involved in bringing the project to fruition; Guerilla Games for the Decima Engine, Sony for agreeing to publish the game, and the star-studded cast involved in bringing Death Stranding’s characters to life.

Death Stranding 'Goes Gold' In Anticipation of Nov. Release
Source: Kojima Productions/Twitter

The Tweet also includes the now-standard shot of the lead developer, in this case, Hideo Kojima, brandishing the small 4.7” ‘Death Stranding Gold’ Blu-Ray disc containing at least four years of work, as well as a photo of the whole team responsible for bringing to life Kojima’s quirky vision.

No More Chance of Death Stranding Delays

Even with a firm release date, the scope of Kojima’s ambition meant that delays were always in the back of the mind of onlookers. Going gold guarantees that, rain or shine, Death Stranding will release as planned at the beginning of Nov.

Although Going gold signals that Kojima Productions considers the game ‘final’ to some extent, we can, nevertheless, expect Kojima and his team to tinker and apply a few finishing touches before launch thanks to the modern marvel of day one patches – the boon of perfectionist developers and the bane of eager gamers who’ve waited years to play only to have to sit around while a 5 GB patch downloads.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

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