Trump Bashes Biden on Ukraine, But This Is His Real Target

Joe and Hunter Biden

President Donald Trump has been all over the media, calling for an investigation into former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s dealings with the Ukraine.   There are number of reasons why Donald Trump is jawboning this issue, but there is a critical one that everyone seems to be missing. Not Everything Is As … Read more

‘Richard Jewell’ Is Clint Eastwood’s Rebuke to the Kavanaugh Hysteria

richard jewell director clint eastwood

There appears to be no stopping Clint Eastwood. At age 89, he is about to release his 38th directorial effort, “Richard Jewell.” The engaging trailer below lays out the story of the wrongfully-maligned security officer who saved countless lives by discovering a bomb in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. Clint Eastwood’s American Heroes Clint Eastwood … Read more

The Real Reason The Dow Is Tanking

Dow, Dow Jones

The stock market is getting pummeled today, with the major indices down about 1.5%, and the Dow Jones down 444 points. There’s a lot of talk about what’s behind the Dow Jones selloff. A lot of analysts are pointing to ongoing recession fears. The manufacturing index has cratered, and private payrolls only grew by 135,000. … Read more

NFL Odds: Mine the NFC for Value as Patriots & Chiefs Dominate AFC

NFL super bowl betting odds

We are one-fourth of the way into the new NFL season, and a host of injuries has thrown the outlook for the rest of the year into disarray. Bookmakers have been scrambling to rejigger their forecasts for division, conference, and Super Bowl winners. With major injuries to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Carolina Panthers … Read more

Warren Jumps as Trump’s Challenger. Leaked Tapes Reveal Zuckerberg Hates It

Elizabeth Warren,

The curtain may be coming down on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, leaving only Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren as the only two remaining viable candidates. Politico is reporting that the Sanders campaign is running out of cash and steam. The Democratic presidential polling thus far has shown these three individuals as the only likely … Read more

Impeachment Will Blow Up In Democrats’ Faces

Donald Trump

Democrats seem determined to lose the presidential election next year. The rush to impeach President Donald Trump is just another in a long line of “nothing burgers” designed to express frustration at Democrats’ loss in 2016. One Hoax After Another The Democrats have tried to delegitimize Donald Trump from the beginning, and keep trying to … Read more

Why Endeavor’s IPO U-Turn Was a Surprisingly Brilliant Move

endeavor ipo

Endeavor Group Holdings pulled its IPO last week, following the weak market response to both WeWork and Peloton Interactive. Endeavor would’ve been the first Hollywood talent agency to be traded on the public markets, and now investors do not have the opportunity to place money alongside one of the industry’s premier businesses. Endeavor was formed … Read more