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WeWork's CEO Is the Next Elon Musk - That Should Terrify You

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann is the next elon musk

By CCN Markets: The last thing an investor wants to read in an IPO prospectus is a warning that the company’s CEO may have committed an SEC violation - even an itsy-bitsy one. But that's the case with WeWork co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann, who is on track to become the next Elon Musk for all the wrong reasons. Let me explain. When the SEC says "quiet," you need to listen! The company’s S-1...

4 Charts to Help You Avoid the Next Savage Stock Market Crash

stock market crash

By CCN Markets: The stock market is at its third most expensive valuation in history. The market's overall valuation, as measured by the S&P 500, is approximately twice that of the long-term average. Between that, and the inverted yield curve signaling a possible recession, investors sold off the market in a big way on Wednesday. This could signal the beginning of a stock market crash that...

What Recession? The Yield Curve Inversion Is a Flashing Buy Signal

yield curve inversion

By CCN Markets: The Dow Jones fell 800 points on Wednesday, as a major recession indicator - the yield curve inversion - clicked on, spooking investors. Yet this recession indicator isn't always correct, and the S&P 500 and the stock market have traditionally provided impressive returns, at least in the short-term, following its appearance. The dreaded inverted yield curve This indicator is...

WeWork's IPO Will Go to Zero After the First Recession


By CCN Markets: There's a song that says, "one is the loneliest number." In fact, zero is the loneliest number, especially when it is preceded by a dollar sign. And $0 is where WeWork stock is going to go after the next recession hits, but don’t count on anyone else to tell you that. So avoid the WeWork IPO. The We Company's Business Model Is Destined to Fail WeWork, or The We Company as it is...

Cult of Elon Musk: Say Hello to the Ultimate Tesla Groupie

elon musk cult: tesla owner implants model 3 key in her arm

By CCN Markets: There are times when a goofy news item provides far greater insight into a company, a stock, and its investors than may be apparent at first glance. Such is the case with Elon Musk, Tesla, and the Model 3 producer's cult-like followers. The Ultimate Elon Musk Groupie A woman identified as Amie DD, a software developer in Texas, removed the most important pieces from her Tesla...

143,600 Reasons Viacom-CBS Merger Will Crush Netflix

ViacomCBS netflix

By CCN Markets: The long-awaited reunification of CBS Corporation and Viacom has finally arrived. After the two entities were split off from each other several years ago, the Sumner Redstone empire has been reconstituted. And Netflix has yet another juggernaut of a competitor. Content is King and Viacom-CBS Has Tons Of It Sumner Redstone has always said, “content is king”. Indeed it is, and with...

The Bitcoin Skeptic: BTC Value Will Crash 99% for the Same Reason Tumblr’s Just Did

Tumblr logo

By CCN Markets: What do Tumblr and bitcoin have in common? Here's a hint. How many times have we seen a gigantic cash-stuffed company buyout some social media platform for an enormous sum of money, and then have to write the whole thing off? Many times. The Social Media Graveyard MySpace was bought by News Corp. for $580 million and sold for $35 million. Vine was purchased for only $30 million...

Don't Be Fooled. This Dow Jones Bounce Is Nothing but a Head Fake

dow jones

By CCN Markets: News that Donald Trump would delay the imposition of tariffs on some Chinese goods sent the Dow Jones rocketing today. Beware, though, because it's a head fake before the inevitable crash. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 372 points to 26,280, an increase of 1.44 percent on Tuesday. That's because Donald Trump and the Treasury Department announced that additional tariffs on...

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