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Greg Thomson is a freelance journalist covering the cryptocurrency and blockchain beat. He contributed to numerous crypto news outlets before joining CCN and Hacked in 2018. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.Reach him directly [email protected], or Tweet at @gregthomson88.

Bitcoin’s Satoshi Reveal Part 2: Lost Private Key, the CIA, & the Godfather

fake satoshi, bitcoin

By CCN Markets: The second part of the Satoshi reveal by the (new) self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin proved to be even more outrageous than the first. In it, ‘Satoshi’ confirmed himself to be Bilal Khalid – as was previously discovered in a check of the domain name registrar for the ‘Satoshi Reveal’ website. We also find out the reason why he can’t access his $19 billion fortune (he lost his...

Did Bitcoin's Most Controversial Twitter Handle Just Change Hands?

bitcoin twitter

By CCN Markets: The long-running conflict between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters took another turn on Monday. The @Bitcoin Twitter handle, which previously showed support for the BCH community, appeared to switch sides suddenly. Within hours, hundreds of pro-BCH posts were deleted from the account, though others - including the pinned tweet - curiously remain. Meanwhile, the link...

Bitcoin Faketoshi Fails Again? Craig Wright 'Exposed' by Microsoft Office

craig wright, bitcoin, satoshi nakamoto

By CCN Markets: Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright popped up to remind everyone of his existence this week. While yet another ‘Faketoshi’ showed up to begin their own unique scam, Wright was busy unwittingly exposing his own. Did Microsoft Office Just Catch Craig Wright in the Act? On August 18th, Craig Wright uploaded a paper to the SSRN database titled Payments Providers and...

Bitcoin: This Research Proves the New Boss Is Same as the Old Boss

bitcoin wealth concentration

By CCN Markets: Research released by blockchain analysis group PARSIQ this week did much to weaken Bitcoin’s image as a global freedom currency. The findings detail the massive accumulation of wealth in the hands of a minuscule few, resulting in inequality greater than what can be found in the established "old money" institutions. Just 0.023% of the top Bitcoin addresses hold 50% of the total...

Millennial Buys Ripple With Loan He Can't Afford - Then This Happened

millennial buys ripple (XRP) with loan he can't afford

By CCN Markets: A Twitter user who goes by the name of @XRPBallzD33p told his followers last month that he was going all-in on his Ripple (XRP) investment. Or to use the parlance of our times, he went BALLZ deep. So deep, in fact, that he took out a loan he couldn’t afford to pay back just in order to get a piece of that XRP pie. As the die-hard Ripple supporter tweeted on July 27th: Just went...

5 Crazy Numbers We Found in WeWork’s Horrorshow IPO


By CCN Markets: The prospect of a WeWork IPO was met with skepticism after the official S-1 filing to the SEC revealed some extravagant facts and figures about the company and its CEO. Here are 5 interesting numbers to be found in the IPO filing. 13 - the number of times ‘energy’ is mentioned Co-founder and CEO, Adam Neumann, once told reporters that his company’s “energy and spirituality” were...

Bitcoin Could've Stopped 9/11: Max Keiser Spouts Cringeworthy Hopium

max keiser, bitcoin, September 11 (9/11) terrorist attacks

Max Keiser did nothing but help magnify the Bitcoin community’s reputation as an irrational cult this weekend when he suggested that Bitcoin could have stopped the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. The famed Bitcoin enthusiast and host of the Keiser Report is unabashedly optimistic about BTC’s potential to change the world, and he claims to have bought in when it was priced at...

Are Tron & Justin Sun Playing a Sneaky Game of 4-D Chess?

justin sun tron

According to CNBC Africa’s Ran NeuNer, TRON CEO Justin Sun was forbidden to take part in the Warren Buffett lunch due to the ongoing trade tensions between China and the United States. The unnamed source claims the Chinese government found Sun’s promotion of the lunch “provocative” and suggests it won’t take place at all. The rumor, still unconfirmed, comes at a remarkably convenient time for the...

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