AuthorGreg Thomson

Greg Thomson is a freelance journalist covering the cryptocurrency and blockchain beat. He contributed to numerous crypto news outlets before joining CCN and Hacked in 2018. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.Reach him directly [email protected], or Tweet at @gregthomson88.

Tron HQ Swarmed by Police & Protesters in Wake of Justin Sun Scam Claims

tron police raid

Video footage has emerged of police surrounding the office of TRON HQ in Beijing as the fallout from the recent $30 million "Wave Field" scam continues. Initial rumors suggested authorities were “raiding” TRON’s offices following allegations of TRON founder Justin Sun’s alleged culpability in the scam. However, that notion was quickly dismissed by Sun, and a TRON spokesperson claimed the police...

Squad Up! Millennial Gamers Will Pave Way to Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin, Gaming

The link between gaming and crypto is so strong, that were it not for Vitalik Buterin’s encounter with World of Warcraft, the Ethereum creator would never have founded the most well-known alternative to Bitcoin. That’s a link in a chain that has already looped back on itself; more millennials now say they’d invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum before they would traditional stocks...

'Bitcoin Creator' Craig Wright Almost Ended Up in Handcuffs: Report

Craig Wright, bitcoin lawsuit

Craig Wright revealed that the private keys necessary to access a disputed $10 billion Bitcoin haul would be released next year. Wright claimed the keys were handed to a bonded courier, who was directed to deliver them in 2020. The revelations came during Wright’s deposition in the ongoing Kleiman trial, at one point during which he allegedly theatrically broke down in tears. According to Florida...

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