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Bitcoin’s Satoshi Reveal Part 2: Lost Private Key, the CIA, & the Godfather

Last Updated March 17, 2023 7:38 AM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated March 17, 2023 7:38 AM
a man with glasses and a bit coin
In part two of his ‘Satoshi reveal’, self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Bilal Khalid unveils where all his bitcoins are and much, much more. | Source: (i) Satoshinrh.com (ii) Shutterstock; Edited by CCN

By CCN Markets: The second part of the Satoshi reveal by the (new) self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin proved to be even more outrageous than the first.

In it, ‘Satoshi’ confirmed himself to be Bilal Khalid – as was previously discovered in a check of the domain name registrar for the ‘Satoshi Reveal’ website. We also find out the reason why he can’t access his $19 billion fortune (he lost his private keys).

a man with glasses and a suit jacket
Bilal Khalid, a UK national. Now goes by the name of James Caan | Source: Satoshinrh.com

And we’re treated to a glimpse of what the future holds for Mr. Khalid – namely, his name-change to James Caan (really!) and a plug for his new blockchain project.

Even Satoshi Lost His Private Keys

The second part of the Satoshi reveal  echoed the first in its long-winded meandering and severe lack of substance. One interesting claim made by Mr. Khalid, now Mr. Caan, concerns the status of Satoshi’s 980,000 bitcoin fortune. According to Mr. Caan, his private keys were lost when he handed his laptop into an electronics shop for repairs. When the laptop came back, all of Satoshis bitcoins were gone.

The self-proclaimed Satoshi says he lost faith in his project when Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen started speaking with the CIA. No more is said on the matter.

What follows is a tale of redemption, where the then Mr. Khan got a job as an IT guy in a British NHS hospital and put his cypherpunk life behind him.

But he couldn’t stay away for long and soon fired back with AnnurcaCoin – a dead Indiegogo project  from March 2019 which only raised £83 of its £824,258 target.

Satoshi Reveal: Hilarious but a Damp Squib

The first installment of ‘Yet Another Fake Satoshi,’ like the second, revealed very little of any worth. Readers were treated to a long-winded autobiographical screed concerning irrelevant tidbits about the self-proclaimed Satoshi’s childhood and upbringing.

Given the standard of the texts released so far, ‘Satoshi’s’ grasp of the English language must have deteriorated since his last public post in 2012. What’s more, given the use of a WordPress template to create the Satoshi Reveal website, his coding skills must be on the wane too.

Also, the hosting package chosen by the self-proclaimed Satoshi wasn’t enough to handle the clicks the web page received upon its reveal – as evidenced by its downtime shortly after going live.

Now rebranded ‘The Godfather of Digital Cash,’ Mr. James Bilal Khalid Caan teased part three of his big reveal. The next installment promises to focus on ‘Tabula Rasa’ – Mr. Caan’s clean-slate vision for Bitcoin.