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While PS5 Hesitates, Xbox Spoils Us With a 3-Month Reveal Blowout

Xbox announces plans for several major Xbox Series X events revealing games and information about the console as it tries to take on the PS5.

  • The Xbox Series X team reveals a grand Xbox 20/20 plan to take on the PS5.
  • There will be three months of announcements about the console and its games.
  • The first of these, the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal, will take place on May 7.

Fasten your seatbelts Xbox fans, because the Xbox team is planning three months of major Xbox Series X announcements. That and more, in a revelatory blog-post, confirmed Tuesday on the Xbox Wire.

The grand plan is called Xbox 20/20 and will see the Xbox team hold three events, one in May, June, and July. The first of these is the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal which takes place on May 7. However, the Xbox team has got the party started early, revealing the Xbox Series X startup sound in a teaser for the event posted on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

The May event will only be about third-party games. In a tweet, Xbox Games Marketing boss Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the June event will “done differently” to this week’s gameplay reveal event. The July event is what most fans will be excited for as this is where Xbox will be announcing Xbox Series X games from Xbox Game Studios developers like Obsidian Entertainment and The Initiative.

Xbox 20/20 is no small plan but it could be just what the Xbox Series X needs to sell more than the PS5 this year. Sony may have been able to set an Instagram record by posting the PS5 logo, but it’s the kind of gameplay reveals teased by Xbox that gamers really want.

It will be much more difficult for Sony to keep fans excited about the PS5 if there are new Xbox Series X announcements for three months. It also gives the Xbox team more potential ways to get gamers to choose the Xbox Series X over the PS5.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:54 PM

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