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PS5 Logo Reveal Slays Xbox Series X on Instagram – Sony is Already Winning

Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) is garnering plenty of interest on social media, if Instagram is a viable metric, far exceeding Microsoft's Xbox Series X hype.

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Jasmine Henry
January 8, 2020 9:34 AM
  • Sony officially reveals the PS5 logo.
  • An Instagram post about the logo gets more than four million likes.
  • This is more than twice the number of likes that the Xbox Series X reveal Instagram post has.

Sony’s reveal of the official PS5 logo has become incredibly popular on Instagram, suggesting that its controversial announcement was very clever. Its Instagram post about the logo has 4.7 million likes and a huge number of comments from excited fans.

In comparison, Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series X console design has 1.8 million likes. Many of the comments on the Instagram post ridiculed the console’s size, comparing it to a household appliance.

PS5 logo Instagram post Xbox Series X Instagram post

Some are taking the large number of likes on Sony’s PS5 post as confirmation that its reveal announcement has been a success. When Sony revealed the logo for the console, many joked that it was very simple but it was largely what fans expected. Some fans also asked why Sony decided to officially reveal the PS5 logo if it didn’t offer anything new.

However, it seems that Sony was right to make the PS5 logo look like the PS4 and PS3 logos. By making the PS5 logo relatable for fans, it’s unlikely that fans will see it and think that the new console is just a better PS4. The Xbox Series X name, which sounds like Xbox One X, could potentially get fewer sales as gamers don’t know that the new console is different.

The PlayStation Instagram account does have 22.1 million followers in comparison to the Xbox’s relatively-smaller nine million followers but the post about the Xbox Series X also offered more information and so would have been more likely to get likes. If Sony has fans feeling this excited with just a logo, the PS5’s sales could be incredible.