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What Antonio Brown’s Latest Twitter Meltdown Really Means

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:04 PM
Francois Aure
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:04 PM

Antonio Brown is not acting like a man who wants to return to the NFL. More fresh negative headlines have emerged for the wide receiver after he got tangled in a messy Twitter spat with Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle.

Brown’s chances of being signed by another team this year were already thin, and they just got smaller. 

Antonio Brown Twitter Spat Makes the Worst of a Bad Situation

After being cut by the New England Patriots, Antonio Brown’s career in the NFL looked to be over after announced he wouldn’t return to the league. A sudden U-turn came after Brown’s agent received interest from teams who would consider signing the former Steelers standout if his sexual assault allegations were resolved. 

Of all the NFL players skating on thin ice, Brown’s is arguably the thinnest. His erratic behavior  has been well documented, and he desperately needs to show coaches and potential teammates around the league that he’s ready to be healthy, happy, and humble – all at the same time.

Getting into an extremely high-profile Twitter argument does not show the maturity or – more importantly – the evidence of reform, that NFL front offices need to see, especially after fresh allegations, centered around destructive behavior , have surfaced. 

Hall of Fame Talents Need Hall of Fame Advice

The question has to be asked, where are the sensible people around AB? A prudent manager would have him far away from any potential antagonist during this critically sensitive time .

Perhaps Antonio Brown’s inner circle is trying to help, and he won’t listen, or maybe they are all yes-men who don’t understand how close to the brink things are. Either way, the timing is horrendous for anyone hoping to see one of the greatest receivers of all time  back in cleats again. 

Ignoring the implications of another significant PR blunder, it also doesn’t help that Eric Weddle had all the best comebacks on Twitter. Brown’s retorts often fell flat, as the six-time Pro Bowler deflected AB with ease.

Eric Weddle Does NFL a Public Service


Sure, Weddle threw the first stone, but that won’t matter to NFL teams looking for signs of maturity to justify taking a chance on the wide receiver.

The 12-year veteran has performed a public service for league managers by proving that – once and for all – Brown would be a poisonous locker room presence.