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The Last of Us Part II’s New Trailer Teaser Sounds Uncomfortably Eerie

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:55 PM
  • Developer Naughty Dog has announced it will debut a new The Last of Us Part II trailer tomorrow.
  • A teaser tweet includes a rather ominous exchange between Ellie and Joel.
  • The trailer is set to drop at 7 am PST/3 pm GMT.

After confirming yesterday that The Last of Us Part II had gone gold, there’s yet more good news from developer Naughty Dog.

New The Last of Us Part II Trailer Debuts Tomorrow – and It Sounds Foreboding

Taking to Twitter a short while ago, Naughty Dog revealed that it will debut a brand new trailer for the highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive tomorrow .

The trailer, which will presumably offer an official spoiler-free look at the game, goes live tomorrow, May 6, at 7 am PT/3 pm GMT.

Naughty Dog to Debut New the Last of Us Part 2 Trailer Tomorrow
Source: Twitter 

As a word of caution, we’d suggest avoiding the comments below the tweet as people are still finding pleasure in spoiling The Last of Us Part II for unwitting fans. In the same vein, we’d recommend turning off the chat feature if you’re planning to watch it live on YouTube or Twitch.

Naughty Dog produced a short teaser for tomorrow’s drop with what sounds like protagonist Ellie uttering “I have to finish it” before Joel retorts “There’s a cost.”

All this is naturally accompanied by swelling orchestral strings to set the tone and hammer it home. It sounds pretty ominous and aligns with the themes of revenge and hate that the game will reportedly explore .

A Tough Few Weeks For Naughty Dog

While it’s a little early for a launch trailer, the news suggests both Sony and Naughty Dog are on track to hit the rescheduled release date of June 19. Things are looking up for The Last of Us Part II after a tough few weeks.

Last month, Naughty Dog and Sony delayed the action-adventure yet again due to logistical hurdles affecting the distribution of physical copies. As is all too familiar these days, the issues were linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, massive spoilers for The Last of Us Part II found their way online courtesy of hackers pillaging Naughty Dog’s servers. The leaks include major plot points, cut scenes, and narrative twists, which quickly flooded the internet.

Here’s the most recent trailer if you want to get up to speed without any spoilers.