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Swap Your Dirty Christmas Socks at This Game Retailer for Store Discounts

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
  • UK retailer launches New Year Sock Swap scheme.
  • Customer can swap their unwanted socks for in-store credit.
  • The company then donates the socks to various homeless charities in the UK.

UK video game retailer  GAME has come up with a rather novel way to entice gamers not only to get games cheaper but rid themselves of their unwanted haul of festive socks and do their part for charity in the process.

UK Retailer GAME Is Swapping Socks for Cheaper Games
Source: GAME

New Year Sock Swap

In a press release issued today, GAME details its newly coined New Year Sock Swap scheme. The main gist is that for handing in pairs of new and unworn (no, you can’t hand in a pile of used odd socks) alongside a trade-in, you’ll receive £2 in extra in-store credit for games and £15 for consoles, tablets, and phones.

From there, GAME donates the socks to a selection of homeless charities across the British Isles to help the needy during the harsher winter months. Anyone that’s experienced a British winter knows the need for a decent arsenal of thick socks.

Here’s how the retailer frames it;

Following the Christmas period, unwanted socks get thrown to the back of the drawer and forgotten, or worse still – they go straight in the bin. Over 25% of Brits class socks as their least-desired Christmas present, with a combined £5B a year wasted on unwanted presents, whilst the number one requested item for the UK’s homeless shelter is….. socks!

Extra GAME In-Store Credit

While £2 isn’t exactly a huge amount when eyeing up GAME’s oft-measly trade-in pay-outs, it does help ease the pain of forking out £40 for a second-hand game released in 2017. More importantly, someone that desperately needs them will make good use of those dreadful snow man-adorned socks your aunt got you.

Much like GameStop in the US, GAME doesn’t have the best reputation in the UK. They once tried to sell me an ostensibly new copy of the Only On PlayStation edition of Bloodborne that turned out to be a scratched second-hand copy, but that’s a story for another time. It’s nice to see the retailer doing some good.