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Steam Pins Lunar New Year as Excuse to Throw Yet Another Sale

Valve-owned digital storefront Steam primed for yet another sale with the Lunar New Year Sale expected to to start later today.

  • Mined files suggest yet another Steam sale is on the way.
  • Reportedly named the Lunar New Year Sale 2020.
  • Expected to start today and run for four days.

It seems like only yesterday we were padding our backlogs with discounted games courtesy of the Steam Winter Sale. Yet, the Valve-owned platform is reportedly on the cusp of another sale according to data mined by Steam Database.

Although not officially affiliated with the Steam storefront or Valve, the website pulls data straight from the storefront API and, therefore, the news comes with a good helping of legitimacy.

Previous estimates have historically been on the money, so there’s little to suggest the website is wrong this time around. In a tweet authored late yesterday, Steam Database revealed the following image, which will seemingly be the branding for the Lunar New Year Sale 2020 event.

Source: Twitter

Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Mined files suggest the sale is dubbed the Lunar New Year Sale 2020 to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

Steam Database expects the Lunar New Year Sale to start today at 6 pm GMT / 10 am PT. It will run for four days until Jan. 27. As per tradition, Steam Database has published a countdown for those interested in watching the minutes trickle down.

Going by the length of the sale, it will be a snappy affair compared to Steam’s usual seasonal discount bonanzas.

Emperor’s Great Race?

The tweet also mentions something named the ‘Emperor’s Great Race’. We imagine this will be a new twist on the mini-games Steam likes to incorporate into its sales events with varying degrees of success.

While we wait for the Lunar New Year Sale to start, Valve has made all the games in the Half-Life series free in the lead up to the release of Half-Life Alyx in March.

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