Square Enix Tricks Gamers with Shady Kingdom Hearts Bait & Switch

Kingdom Hearts is getting yet another mobile game. Sort of. It's a 'stand-alone' campaign found in the pre-existing Union χ app.

Square Enix just pulled a classic bait-and-switch with its "new" Kingdom Hearts game. | Source: Jesusbella/Wikimedia Commons

  • A new campaign has been announced for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app.
  • Despite being included in the app, Square Enix claims this is an entirely “new” game.
  • If this is one of the new games that we were promised, then the future of Kingdom Hearts is bleak.

The internet was abuzz after Square Enix announced that two new studios would produce Kingdom Hearts games. Many longtime fans were cynical about the whole thing, and it turns out our skepticism was entirely justified.

Today we learned that at least one of these “new” games is just a campaign for Kingdom Hearts Union χ. That’s right. It’s not even its own app; it’s just a “stand-alone” campaign in an already existing app.

“Dark Road” is just a new campaign, not a new game. | Source: Square Enix

If This Is the Future of Kingdom Hearts, You Can Count Me Out

This is the inevitable result of prostituting Kingdom Hearts out to the mobile gaming industry. We all knew that Square Enix wouldn’t ignore the dollar signs in their eyes for long.

Despite Dark Road being a “new” game, it looks like the developers have basically taken the card system from Chain of Memories and added it to Union χ.

Source: Twitter

This seems like it might actually be the lowest-effort cash grab Square Enix have ever attempted. At least All the Bravest required them to produce a whole app.

This is, at best, a reskin.

Kingdom Hearts deserves better. At this point, I don’t even care that they’re continuing the series. I just wish they’d produce something more valuable than a pitiful mobile campaign.

Square Enix Puts a Storied Franchise Through the Wringer

It seems like Square Enix is determined to wring every last drop of cash they can out of Kingdom Hearts.

They’d better enjoy it while it lasts. If this is the caliber of game they plan on offering in the future, then they can wave the franchise’s credibility goodbye.

Not that it’ll probably matter. Square Enix probably makes a mint on mobile games like Union χ. It’s a no-brainer for them to keep pumping out this sort of hot garbage.

I’m starting to think that this is a fundamental law of the gaming universe. All money-hungry publishers invariably trend towards mobile trash.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:35 PM

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