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Sony’s Big PS5 Reveal Has Triggered Some Cringy Fanboy Behavior

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • Sony will host the long-awaited PS5 showcase later on today.
  • Ahead of the event, fans are struggling to keep their excitement in check and are losing sleep as a consequence.
  • Anticipation levels are being compared to those experienced ahead of Christmas morning.

Ahead of Sony’s big PS5 blowout later today, fans are reporting losing sleep.

The excitement has ramped up to the point that some gamers are struggling to squash swirling thoughts of what games Sony will showcase and let the sweet embrace of restful slumber take hold.

PS5 Fans Losing Sleep as Sony's Big Reveal Nears
PS5 are struggling to sleep ahead of today’s showcase. | Image source: PlayStation

PS5 Fans Losing Sleep

Over on the PS5 subreddit, which is awash with activity from speculative takes to trolls baiting with news of yet another postponement , there’s a growing number of excitedly-penned posts detailing the sleep-deprived hours leading up to Sony’s big reveal.

One Redditor explains :

I can’t even fall asleep I’m too excited…For real this anticipation is killing me

Others have chimed in  to share similar experiences :

Who is trying to sleep in til PS5 event starts? I’m trying to sleep longer so time til the event will appear to go by faster for me, but it is 4am my current time and I’m too damn excited to sleep now. This is going to be a long 9 hours.

It is 5.34am here in the United Kingdom, and I am lying in bed, I cannot get my eyes to stay closed.

Sony isn’t expected to unveil it’s next-gen hardware during the event, beyond the ‘DualSense’ controller. | Source: PlayStation

Those lucky enough to catch a few short hours of shuteye ahead of the PS5 event recount a fretful night :

That’s exactly what happened to me. Woke up thrice despite sleeping late.

Just Like Christmas

Some compare their excitement for today’s PS5 showcase to the anticipatory jitters felt ahead of Christmas morning :

I am legit more excited today than I was Christmas Eve last year.

Man me too. The only struggle that for me the event ends at 11pm and I have my driving exam the next day at 7am, so I have to get up around 6am. I guess I need an extra coffee tomorrow morning.

And, of course, a few jumped in to inject some much-needed levity :

Christmas Eve? I’m in my 30s, I get more excited doing a grocery shop and filling the fridge than I do for christmas.

At the risk of sharing already widely disseminated information, Sony’s PS5 showcase kick starts later today at 1 pm PT / 10 pm CEST/ 9 pm BST .

We’ll be on hand to offer timely reactions and analysis of everything that transpires.