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Silent Hill Deserves Sony’s PS5, But You Shouldn’t Trust Konami

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • The PS5 reveal event later today is getting plenty of people excited.
  • Rumors have been flying about the Silent Hill series for weeks.
  • There is at least a slim chance that we won’t be hearing anything from Konami’s biggest horror series at all.

Silent Hill has been dead in the water for years. If it weren’t for pachinko machines, the series would just be straight-up dead . Despite this, many people are still clamoring for more from the series. Especially as we approach the release of the PS5.

We’ve even had rumors that Sony has bought the IP from Konami . Now, plenty of people are bracing themselves for a Silent Hill announcement. But should they really be bracing themselves for disappointment?

Silent Hill - Tweets
Insider Dusk Golem has been tweeting images of Silent Hill and Resident Evil leading up to the reveal, driving many fans wild with impatience. | Source: Twitter 

We Still Don’t Know Enough To Be Sure We’re Getting a New Silent Hill

At this point, most insiders seem pretty convinced that a new Silent Hill game is on the way. But, we don’t know enough about it to be sure it’s going to be coming anytime soon.

Some outlets have quoted sources which claim that Sony is working on a reboot and a revival of Silent Hills . If that’s true then it’s not hard to believe. Sony does seem to be drawing in as many IPs as it can.

Silent Hill is super popular . Having a next-gen entry into the series ready for the PS5 would be a big hit for Sony. The problem is that Konami, who owns the IP, has gone out of their way to say that these rumors aren’t true .

PS5 Would Be a Good Home for Silent Hill

There’s no doubt that the time is right for a Silent Hill revival. The last main game for the series was released back in the PS3 era. We’ve skipped a whole generation. The leap in what you can actually do with videogames these days would bring on some great changes.

The issue is that horror is hard. Being scared, which is sort of the point of horror, is subjective. Clearly, Konami doesn’t think they can pull it off anymore. If they did, they wouldn’t be plastering Pyramid Head all over pachinko parlors.

At this point, we have two options. Either the PS5 is about to get two amazing Silent Hill games and Konami was lying. Or, there’s a whole lot of fans who’re about to get super disappointed. Personally, I hope it’s the former, but I feel like it’ll be the latter.

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