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Two New Silent Hill Games Are Coming, but Will They Be Any Good?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:31 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:31 PM
  • Recently rumors swirled surrounding possible new Silent Hill titles.
  • A leaker has now seemingly confirmed that two new games in the series are in development.
  • Considering Konami’s poor history, there are serious concerns for the games’ potential quality.

So it turns out that the rumors are true. Silent Hill is going to be getting not one but two brand-new games. At least that’s the case according to industry leaker AestheticGamer on Twitter .

Just before you get excited about it though, remember this is Konami we’re talking about. Recently they have proven to be not so great at putting out games, let alone good ones.

So the important thing to think about is how good are our chances of getting decent Silent Hill titles?

Silent Hill - Tweets
These tweets have confirmed the hopes and dreams of many Silent Hill fans. | Source: Twitter 

Silent Hill Getting (Soft) Rebooted…Again

As far as we know, one of the two games is going to be a soft reboot to the series. The other is apparently some sort of Tell Tale-esque adventure game. As nice as that second game sounds, it’s the soft reboot that holds the most interest.

This will not be the first time that the series has gone through such a reboot. Back in 2009, Konami released Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The game was an extremely loose retelling of the first game on PS1.

While Shattered Memories did relatively well with critics, it barely broke even. Even if it was well made, Konami is a very different company now, compared to what it was in 2009. Konami hasn’t released a decent triple-A title since 2015.

Silent Hill - HD Comparison
The Silent Hill HD Collection was infamous for how badly it was handled. Even after a patch, the PS2 version (right) is still much better than the HD version (left) | Source: Wikipedia 

Time to Be Cautiously Optimistic

The good news is that Konami doesn’t actually directly control how the game comes out. Whoever these unknown developers are, it’s really in their hands. On a plus side, it seems like they’re working with one of the original Silent Hill artists .

But, and it’s a big but, Konami does control two important factors: time and money. It’s up to Konami to give these studios a decent budget and enough time to develop. They have been notoriously bad at keeping developers on-side in the past.

It is clear that Konami was not able to maintain a good relationship with Hideo Kojima, leading to his departure. If they’re still that difficult to work with, the new Silent Hill developer might struggle. Nothing will kill creativity quicker than a bad working relationship with your publisher.

Hopefully, Silent Hill Makes a Comeback

There are a lot of Silent Hill fans out there with their fingers crossed for these games. If we’re lucky, we’ll hear more about these games before the end of the year – possibly even at E3.

No matter what happens, it surely can’t be worse than the fate of Silent Hills…right?