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Shroud’s Blockbuster Twitch Return Netted Him At-Least $60,000

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
  • Popular streamer shroud returned to streaming on the Amazon-owned Twitch streaming platform yesterday.
  • Viewership peaked at over half a million, while nearly three million unique viewers tuned in at some point during the broadcast.
  • With over 16,000 new subscribers, shroud banked at the very least $60k during the seven-hour stream – and that’s a hilariously conservative estimate.

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek’s grand return to Twitch yesterday  after a short hiatus following Mixer’s closure last month was a momentous occasion not just for fans but also for the streamer.

Shortly after the stream, shroud took to Twitter to express surprise at what the former CS: GO pro describes as an ‘epic return ‘ accompanied by statistics from the stream that would spark pangs of envy in even the platform’s highest-profile streamers.

shroud flaunts stats for a grand return to Twitch. | Source: Twitter 

For the roughly seven and half hour stream, Grzesiek managed an average viewership of nearly 230,000, reaching a peak of over half a million concurrent viewers. Overall, just shy of three million unique viewers tuned in at some point during the stream where shroud showcased his FPS prowess in Riot Games’ Valorant.

The popular streamer noted his surprise at the almost record-breaking number of viewers:

“I don’t know why there are so many of you here, but I appreciate it. I’m just a normal dude who likes to play games a lot. It’s crazy, man. Crazy.”

During the stream, shroud padded out his follower count with 254,000 new followers, bringing the total to 7.5 million. The streamer landed an equally impressive haul of new subscribers, with 16,524 viewers subscribing to the channel.

New logo, new facial hair, new home – shroud returns to Twitch. | Source: Twitch

shroud Banks Some Serious Cash

If we consider that each $5.00 subscription nets shroud roughly $3.50, the streamer earned nearly $60,000 from subscriptions alone. This figure doesn’t factor in donations and Twitch’s tip-style bits, and, of course, what is presumably a lucrative new deal with Twitch, that it isn’t unreasonable to believe is numbered in the millions of dollars. The streamer likely banked much more.

While the numbers will naturally fall as Grzesiek picks up the frequency of streams, there’s no doubt shroud’s unexpectedly short stint on Mixer has in no way affected his popularity on Twitch.