Ryan Phillippe Shaded Ellen DeGeneres And I’m Here For All Of It

  • During a recent jog around Hollywood, Ryan Phillippe shaded Ellen DeGeneres.
  • The A-list actor mocked her “be kind” mantra while standing in front of her poster.
  • The truth about DeGeneres has been exposed, and there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle.

Ellen DeGeneres is not having a good year.

After an expose all but crumbled her toxic empire — and revealed, once and for all, her truly greedy and malicious nature — A-list celebrities are finally taking their swipes at the one-time indomitable television host.

Ryan Phillippe, best known perhaps for his role on “Cruel Intentions,” is perhaps the first A-lister to take a public swipe against DeGeneres, and frankly, I’m here for it. All of it.

Ellen DeGeneres Hasn’t Lived Up To Her “Be Kind” Motto

For most of her career, Ellen DeGeneres has had a “Be Kind” motto that has — wrongly — translated into people believing that she, too, was a kind human being that genuinely cared about the welfare of others.

It didn’t take long for the truth about her to be exposed, however.

Sensing an opportunity, Ryan Phillippe took to Instagram to mock DeGeneres in a story that has since been deleted. Screenshots, however, are forever, and you can see him mocking DeGeneres in the screenshot below.

Ellen DeGeneres
“And remember to be kind… wait,” Phillippe captioned the image. Many saw this as a swipe to Ellen DeGeneres. | Source: Twitter

Ouch. That hurt my feelings and it wasn’t even directed at me.

It’s What She Deserves

There’s a school of thought that suggests that one shouldn’t kick another when s/he is down. And there’s some truth to that, especially if the “down” person in question is an otherwise nice person who fell on some hard times.

That, however, does not describe Ellen DeGeneres, as you can see in the video below.

She’s a cruel person, she always was a cruel person, and she will always be a cruel person. She well deserves every ounce of shade being thrown her way.

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7 thoughts on “Ryan Phillippe Shaded Ellen DeGeneres And I’m Here For All Of It”

  1. So much hate thrown at Ellen, to my mind disproportionate. She’s always had a comedic kind of mean streak, as do many many comedians, possibly the majority. Many people agree that ironic bigotry is hilarious. I don’t particularly care for it but I understand it’s currency in the laughs-harvesting industry.
    She is also a human being who can get grumpy and unreasonable, and like every single one of us probably sometimes behaves in a less than rational manner that behoves an apology.
    What I’m not convinced about is that she has deliberately cultivated a disingenuous persona to mask an otherwise wilfully sadistic agenda to create suffering of others for her own twisted pleasure, which is the upshot of many detractors’ narratives taken at face value.
    In terms of her alleged ‘glossing over’ the issue in her season premiere monologue, she’s really damned off she does it doesn’t as a large percentage of her haters are gratified by the opportunity to pile on and take down an icon to, I suppose, feel better about themselves perhaps?
    In summary, I don’t know for certain that Ellen isn’t a gleeful sadist, but it seems pretty clear that many of her most emphatic critics are.

  2. Irony is tricky. You can’t be part of the callout culture and be nice. Even the tone of the article is not nice. The message to “be nice” is not flawed. People are. Please look in the mirror.

  3. About housekeepers gets me. While studying premed,i cleaned homes. Looked down on as filth.
    I’m aways asking y house keepers to rest have food etc. So hearing how she treated them made my blood boil


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