Rockstar Downtime Hypes Excited Fans Praying for GTA VI Trailer

Rockstar announcing an unusual maintenance downtime has fans predicting that a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI franchise will drop tomorrow.

Grand Theft Auto is a multi-billion franchise for Rockstar and the upcoming GTA VI is a highly-anticipated sequel that's expected to arrive for next-gen consoles.| Source: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

  • Rockstar Games announces two-hour downtime scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Fans speculate that a Grand Theft Auto VI trailer will drop in that time frame.
  • Unlisted private YouTube videos found on Rockstar’s channel.

Few games get the rumor mill churning like Grand Theft Auto VI. The latest theory doing the rounds has fans predicting that a trailer for the next entry in Rockstar’s storied franchise will drop tomorrow.

Imminent Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer?

A message on Rockstar Games’ support portal advises that Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, and Social Club Accounts will be offline for a two-hour stint tomorrow for maintenance. It reads;

Rockstar services supporting Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V and Social Club Accounts as well as Story Mode and Online play on all supported platforms will be temporarily offline Feb. 12 between 6:00 and 8:00 UTC. This maintenance is not expected to take the entire scheduled window and services will return as soon as maintenance is completed.

From this, fans are speculating that Rockstar is priming the release of a GTA VI trailer. Over on Reddit, some believe that the time frame coincides with what developers view as the ideal time to drop trailers and new game details. 6 am UTC equates to the middle of the night in the US, diminishing the validity of that argument.

Unlisted YouTube Videos and Tweets

Alongside, users have picked up on three unlisted private videos on Rockstar’s YouTube channel. The belief is that one of them is a Grand Theft Auto VI trailer.

Fueling speculation, a Twitter account using the handle @atRockstarGames authored a tweet on Feb. 4, marking Feb. 12 as the date for a Grand Theft Auto VI trailer.

Source: Twitter

As you can see, it’s pretty tenuous stuff. Granted, downtime for a developer’s two flagship titles and online services is unusual. But, to infer an imminent trailer is somewhat of a stretch in our estimation.

A trailer is highly unlikely. To tide you over, here’s a look at the curious YouTube wormhole of fan-created mock GTA 6 trailers.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:34 PM

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