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The Curious YouTube Wormhole of Mock Grand Theft Auto VI Trailers

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • GTA VI is among the most hotly anticipated unannounced games.
  • New, spurious leaks surface on a weekly basis.
  • Eager fans are conjuring up ever-more convincing mock trailers.

Few games fuel the rumor mill quite like Grand Theft Auto VI.

Almost no week goes by without an alleged insider spawning insight about GTA VI’s expected location, a blurred snippet of the map, or a hot take on what Rockstar Games is working on behind the scenes.

The Wonderful YouTube Wormhole of Mock Grand Theft Auto VI Trailers
The GTA VI rumor mill never stops turning. | Source: Rockstar Games 

Many of these alleged leaks are throwaway attempts at stirring the hornet’s nest, and there’s a far more interesting facet to the anticipation that underpins the wait for GTA VI.

Grand Theft Auto VI Fan Trailers and Concept Videos

A band of eager fans not content with waiting around for official news from Rockstar Games has taken it upon themselves to weave together increasingly convincing trailers and concept videos for Grand Theft Auto VI.

Take, for example, this video by YouTube channel XXII . It’s framed as a teaser trailer of the variety we’d catch at E3 or one of the other significant gaming events.

The sleek atmospherics, title screen plastered with official logos, and emotive voice-over combine to make it a compelling watch. Ten million views and counting attest to that.

Particularly prolific on the Grand Theft Auto VI front, XXII has also produced this short trailer framed as a showcase for NVIDIA RTX tech.

Then we have more artisanal takes, which despite using footage from existing games, hit the mark too. YouTube channel Captain Hishiro ‘s Grand Theft Auto VI is one great example.

As is this one from NORTHERN WINDS .

There’s also a kind of incestuous quality to these videos as others borrow and chop up, ostensibly under the guise of “remastering,” portions of mock trailers, as we see with this video from YouTube channel TheProGamerJay .


Here are a couple of more Grand Theft Auto VI trailers we’ve spotted.


Opportunistic or a Labor of GTA Love?

Some creators may be driven by a desire to capitalize on what is among the most anticipated games in the industry to secure a fat YouTube AdSense paycheck. The mere mention of Grand Theft Auto VI elicits a torrent of clicks.

Others appear to craft these pieces as a labor of love — an homage to a storied series. Maybe even to keep their unbridled excitement in check.

Regardless, it’s a fascinating insight into a game that’s yet to be announced or even confirmed as “in development” by Rockstar Games.

For anyone excited about what’s in store for Grand Theft Auto, it’s a YouTube wormhole worth falling into for half an hour.

Otherwise, be sure to check out the wonderful world of GTA V roleplaying over on Twitch, particularly MiltonTPike1’s surprisingly-wholesome Pleasure Bot.