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Prince William Has Always Been a Rock for Prince Harry – That Hasn’t Changed

Last Updated September 24, 2020 1:01 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 1:01 PM
  • The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has been rocky of late.
  • Reports are that William is now advising Harry to leave L.A. and either return to the U.K. or consider moving somewhere safer.
  • This will not please Meghan Markle, but a brother’s bond is hard to break.

I’m sure I wasn’t alone among royal fans in being happy to read that both Prince Harry and Prince William are seemingly back on talking terms again.

Despite a rough period, which I don’t think was directly due to anything the brothers had done, it seems the relationship between them is back on track.

My feelings on Meghan Markle are well documented; while I consider her to be a manipulator, I’ve always had a soft spot for Prince Harry.

I think his intentions are good. He believes he’s doing what he’s doing to benefit his wife, and I can respect that to a certain degree.

Meghan is taking advantage of that, though.

While times have been tough for Harry in L.A., he’s been able to turn to Prince William

I know that Meghan Markle fans are always keen to push the narrative that Prince Harry doesn’t “need” his family, and that “Meghan and Archie are his family now,” but royal fans know this isn’t the case.

Sure, Meghan may come from a dysfunctional set-up where she doesn’t even want her siblings at her wedding, but that doesn’t mean Harry and Prince William roll like that.

The bond between brothers is hard to break. | Source: Twitter

I’ve said it before, but those fans who’ve jumped on board from 2016 have missed out on the many years that saw two brothers in Prince William and Prince Harry bond after losing their mother at an early age.

In fact, as the older brother, Prince William has always been a rock for Harry to lean on.

The bond between brothers is hard to break. Meghan Markle realizes this to be true

An insider speaking to US Weekly has claimed that during the turbulent few months Prince Harry has spent in Los Angeles, he’s turned to the one constant in his life.

His brother, Prince William.

This is where things are starting to get a little sketchy for Meghan. Although she tried to take Harry somewhere only she could influence and advise him, it hasn’t quite worked. The bond between brothers isn’t easy to break, even with an ocean between them.

The insider claimed: 

William’s advised Harry to return to London or move elsewhere, somewhere safer. He’s concerned about his brother’s well-being and safety.

Meghan’s worst nightmare is unfolding. Prince Harry is listening to his brother’s advice, and it is reportedly affecting him.

Prince William has no agenda, which is why Harry would do well to listen to him

Let’s look at the situation Prince Harry finds himself in.

He has a wife in Meghan Markle who clearly has an agenda. She wanted to go back to Los Angeles to create some sort of Hollywood career for herself, using the reputation of Harry’s family name as a bargaining chip to the big-time.

This hasn’t worked. But it was still the intention.

Prince William? What kind of agenda would he have?

Prince William wants Harry to move somewhere safer. | Source: Twitter 

Prince William is the future King of Britain. He’s set for life at this point

William’s life is complete. He’s the future King of Britain, he has a devoted and loving wife, has healthy children, is thriving in his royal engagements, and making a real difference in people’s lives. 

In all honesty, and without wanting to sound callous, Prince William could easily continue down his successful path regardless of where Prince Harry chooses to live.

This is why Harry should consider William’s advice to return home or move to somewhere both he and Archie won’t be hounded by some of the most invasive press in the world.

That we’re hearing Prince Harry is considering Australia as a potential next destination is encouraging, as it means he’s beginning to think for himself once again.

The L.A. experiment hasn’t worked. It’s time for Harry to start listening to the people who have his best interests at heart.

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