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Scalpers are Ruining Xbox Series X Pre-Orders With Huge Markups

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • Xbox Series S/X pre-orders went live in the UK this morning.
  • The Series X has already sold out at the large majority of retailers, with scalper listings now popping up of auction sites.
  • We’ve spotted a £40,000 Series X and even a signed drawing of the console on offer.

Much like the launch of PS5 pre-orders last week, the first batch of Xbox Series X units released at 8 am morning in the UK has already sold out at most retailers.

Other than settling for a Series S, which is still available through Amazon and even directly from Microsoft, those hoping for the full-fat version of Xbox’s next-gen console are out of luck unless they are willing to pay a premium.

The scalpers are already out in force. | Source: eBay UK

Right on cue, listings for confirmed pre-orders popped up almost immediately on auction sites such as eBay  courtesy of scalpers who were up bright and early to snatch away as many coveted pre-orders as possible to make a quick buck.

The average price isn’t quite as exorbitant as those for the PS5 but generally float above the recommended retail price of £449. We’re still early in the day, and they’ll likely balloon as more people resign themselves to the fact that pre-ordering direct from a retailer or Microsoft is no longer a possibility.

A £40K Series X. | Source: eBay UK

The priciest listing we came across is asking for an initial bid of £9,999 with a Buy It Now option priced at £40,000  – the equivalent of a down-payment on a house or a spiffy new car.


The next closest requires a starting bid of at £5,000 . The rest of the listings tail off from there, falling as low as an initial bid of £1.00 .

Pick up a signed special edition drawing of Microsoft’s sold out Series X. | Source: eBay UK

You can even pick up a signed special edition drawing of an Xbox Series X , whose creator may want to consider an alternative vocation. This one’s currently up to £5.50.

An ‘accidental order’. | Source: eBay UK

And, finally, one last little curiosity. I’m not sure if scalpers’ remorse is a thing, but this particular reseller appears to be trying to justify their listing, explaining they inadvertently ordered an extra Xbox Series X.