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Missed the PS5 Pre-Order? Don’t Fall For These Scalping Rip-Offs

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:30 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:30 PM
  • Sony confirmed yesterday that the PS5 will launch on Nov. 12/19, priced at $499/$399.
  • Pre-orders went live earlier than expected and sold out almost immediately at most retailers.
  • Scalpers are already selling the console on auction sites at excessively high prices.

Within hours of Sony put an end to months of speculation about the price and release for the PS5 during yesterday’s showcase, savvy scalpers are already flogging their confirmed pre-orders of the console on auction sites.

As Sony unceremoniously confirmed pre-orders would go live on Sept. 17 via a tweet  rather than during the showcase, retailers seemingly didn’t get the memo, launching pre-orders almost immediately, triggering a wave of panic as millions across the globe abused their F5 keys.

Retailers jumped the gun. | Source: Twitter 

Most retailers sold out within minutes, stocks dwindling as large swathes unlucky would-be owners fell foul to technical issues, payment woes, and, before long, the dreaded ‘sold out’ message.

Seemingly prepared for the mad dash, enterprising scalpers were ready to capitalize on the situation with lighting-fast tab-hopping and deftly copy-pasted credit card details. Listings soon went up on eBay and the like.

eBay Flooded With PS5 Listings Worldwide

Compared to the $499/$399 announced by Sony, the prices on offer veer towards the absurd. One listing on eBay UK asks for a dizzying £1600/$2000 , while most are asking for a few extra hundred pounds on top of the list price.

Scalpers are cashing-in. | Source: eBay UK

Over on eBay AU, the situation is much the same with most scalpers looking to bank at least AU $1000 for a PS5, with one offering a Buy It Now price of $3000 .


A quick hop across the Pacific to eBay US, and you’ll find the largest selection of PS5 consoles up for sale  with listings numbered in the hundreds as of writing. Prices range from a cool $600 to nearly $2000 in some instances.

eBay US boasts the biggest selection of PS5 consoles. | Source: eBay

If you’re in the business of buying coveted tech and reselling it at exorbitant prices, then the next few months are looking incredibly lucrative.