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Nickelback Worshiped as Unlikely Heroes After Trump Meme Takedown

Worlds collided this week as the least popular presidential candidate in US history was shown up by one of the world’s most unpopular bands, with Nickelback launching a copyright claim against President Donald Trump.

Trump Trolls Joe Biden With Nickelback Meme

Yesterday, Trump did what he does best, he trolled. The victim of abuse? Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Trump posted a video to his Twitter alongside the caption: “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH.” The clip starts with Biden’s claim that he’d never discussed overseas business dealings with his son, Hunter. As the video continues, a popular meme centered around Nickelback’s infamous song, “Photograph,” depicts Biden playing a round of golf with Hunter, as well as Devon Archer – a Ukrainian gas executive.

It seems Trump was nodding to his unfounded accusations of Biden’s dubious dealings with Ukraine – all in an attempt to cast attention away from his looming impeachment fight.

Less than 12 hours later, Trump received a copyright violation notice. This takedown in itself is somewhat unusual given that Twitter has noted that government officials’ tweets are generally exempted from their violations policy.

Therefore, the only people in the world able to put an end to the madness were the members of Nickelback – and that’s precisely what they did.

Trump’s Nickelback meme tweet taken down by unlikely heroes | Source: Twitter

Nickelback: Members of Canadian Band Become Unlikely National Heroes in US

Now, the one-time internet laughingstocks are being eulogized as quasi-heroes.

Author Maureen Johnson tweeted:

Maureen Johnson commends… Nickelback? | Source: Twitter

Political writer Josh Jordan highlighted the gravitas of Nickelback taking down Trump:

“Trump got owned by Nickelback as the entire world laughs. If that’s not worthy of impeachment, I don’t know what is.”

Breakfast Media White House Reporter Andrew Feinberg noted that Trump now holds the accolade of the first “president to be dissed by Nickelback.”

Lawyer Max Kennerly capped it all off by ripping into Trump for the blatant lawlessness of the copyright infringement:

“The Trump admin’s lawlessness has a fractal quality to it: every part you zoom in on has people blithely ignoring the law, down to things as banal as clearing the license to use music in videos. Just this year they’ve ripped off REM, the Batman soundtrack, and now Nickelback.”


Trump tweet quashed by Warner Bros | Source: Twitter

While Trump’s spate of copyright infringements aren’t necessarily grounds for impeachment, his pressure on Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden might be.

Ironically, Trump’s attempt to divert eyes away from the affair may have had the opposite effect.

And it’s all thanks to – *checks notes* – Nickelback.

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