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New PlayStation 5 Leak Reveals a Boringly-Familiar User Interface

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
  • New leak claims to show PlayStation 5 dev kit user interface.
  • Suspiciously similar to the existing PlayStation 4 UI.
  • If legitimate, we can expect the consumer-version to be far more polished.

We’ve had leaks of the PlayStation 5 dev kit, an official logo, a purported image of the final console design, and alleged images of the design pattern, so it makes sense for the PS5 UI to come next.

PlayStation 5 Dev Kit UI Leak

According to an image posted on the 4chan message board (also sent to CCN.com via an anonymous tip), this is what the PlayStation 5 dev kit user interface (UI) looks like.

The 4chan name immediately raises questions, and, as always, we recommend approaching the leak with a sizable dose of skepticism. The tipster who contacted CCN.com wished to remain anonymous, but expressed their belief that the image was credible.

Over on 4chan, the leaker explains that they are currently working for a developer in possession of PlayStation 5 devkits. They refused to reveal which developer or provide further details about the dev kit.

This doesn’t help clarify whether we can trust the leak but is understandable given the NDAs pushed out by Sony to PlayStation 5 dev kit recipients.

Similarities To The PlayStation 4 UI

Eyeing up the image, the UI borrows heavily from the PlayStation 4 OrbisOS layout with horizontally scrolling icons that extend vertically into sub-menus.

Among the icons is a spanner, presumable a settings menu, a controller icon, a ‘What’s New’ icon identical to the PlayStation 4, and two games.

We can also see that the dev kit houses 1 TB of storage and is running system software version 0.100.020.

The similarities to the early versions of PlayStation 4 UI are what pose the most significant hurdle when it comes to the legitimacy of the image. We may very well be looking at the PlayStation 4 dev kit UI rather than the PlayStation 5’s.

While we can’t confirm the legitimacy of the leak, what’s certain is that we can expect the final consumer-grade version of the UI to be much more polished.

As such, whether the leak turns out to be true or not, this is, at best, a bare-bones iteration of what players will be using to navigate the PlayStation 5 come release late 2020.